Radiotherapy Gaga… (apologies to Freddie Mercury!)

Something to think over.

Words on Paper

(I have been trying to keep my head above the water, just like these guys!)


Today I had an appointment at the hospital for what they called ‘Mapping’. This is where they decide for the want of a better word, with the help of one huge space age machine; the best possible was of radiating my poor boob.

I very nearly cancelled this procedure, feeling it was possibly unnecessary, seeing as how the surgeon assured me he had successfully removed the entire tumour. The thought of three weeks, that’s 15 appointments, 15 days of being zapped by radiation strong enough to burn and possible shrivel this offending part of my anatomy.

I learned that it was wrong to think like that, for the tumour I had was ‘aggressive’ or malignant and there could still be some cells in there, on the verge of becoming nasty. By almost destroying every cell…

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