My Odes and General Poems

Butterfly Wings, Cards and Things

Butterfly Wings, Cards and Things

Fifth April Blog 7-4-15

Glorious April.

The kiss of April
Is but a murmuring sigh,
She is the bringer of
All things bright. Some
See her tears as spreading
Gloom, others bless their
Joyous moisture.
A blissful sun, harbinger
Of warm days to come.
A simple softness in
April’s gaze, blinking eyes,
That set a tranquilness
Over parched earth.
Replete, the soil gives
Back, to buds, such bounty,
In order to shed glory
Over us all.
She nestles, like birds
That sing around
Burgeoning trees,
She weeps a little more,
Until sister May jostles
Her, settles spring around
Like a floral necklet.
But ne’er begone April.
You above all, are our
Herald, our flitting butterfly,
Awakened from the
Cocoon of winter.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2015.

Where the purple butterflies
Live in a total disguise,
I should like to view the ways
Of their butterfly halcyon days.
Every size and multi-colour,
Flutter around in hyperbole,
Never here, and quite never there,
Up or down, they fly with flair.
Ways which others would employ,
Such flight patterns, what a joy.
Catching winds, to move their fate,
Flying high, o’er garden gate,
Over treetops, dancing gaily,
Village, meadow, Town Hall daily.
Delighting in freedom’s joyous urge,
Alighting on the garden Spurge.
Purple, blue, magenta, white,
Our cousin moths appear by night.
So our lives are shortly lived
As purple to dust, our worlds are sieved.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2015


2 thoughts on “My Odes and General Poems

  1. How beautiful, Evelyn. Wonderful word choses both for rhyme and beauty. Sorry I haven’t been responding but our Wyoming kids were here during their spring break, just left and now getting ready fro Easter guests. Wishing you and your daughter a blessed Easter. Hugs, Alice

  2. Thank you so much Alice. I do appreciate your reading my ork n your very kind comments. No worries, I knew you were having visitor. ANy time, no probs. we thank you too and wish you both a wonderful Easter celebration.
    Hugs Evelyn

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