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North-easterly III – Intriguing Anomalies

This is beautiful blog of a place I will never be able to visit. Such a feeling of history, if the various castle owners and the persons who lived there to keep it all running ( like a modern town).

The Silent Eye

Two things struck me as we entered the State Rooms to look around the public parts of Bamburgh castle. The first was that the collection of objects that were on display was vast, rich and deserving of much more attention than we would have time for. We did notice, though, a shield that bore a remarkable resemblance to the crop circle we had been looking for at Cerne Abbas…

From decorated cradles to archaic helmets, ostentatiously carved furniture and delicate fans made of wisps of spangled gauze and ivory, all were displayed with no apparent order or relationship to each other. The symbolic comparison of a castle to the ego was evidently going to continue. It almost seemed as if the décor was saying there was no value to the priceless things on display except to be displayed. Now, I know that this is probably not the case at all…

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Second September Blog..




Second September Blog. (Equinox-23-9-18)

A  poem to  cheer on a  chilly autumn day.

Autumn Thoughts.

Sunrise through a milky mist.

Coolness of the morning air.

Flashes of red on silky hairs,

Squirrel, stashing far and near.

Robin, from her summer nest,

Peeking through a cobweb, grey,

Hedgerow branches hide her form

Until for food, she flies away.

Tiny mice gather, from the field,

Fallen ears of whiskery corn,

Filling burrows, winter food,

Before the stubble is all forlorn.

Autumn, in her brilliant hues,

Rich red, gold and orange gay,

The turning year, the low rise sun,

Breeze grows chill, each turning day.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward.  September 2018.

Started on 20-9-18  BLOG.

As I write, there is a strong breeze blowing branches and turning leaves to and fro.  The day started dark, cloudy but now the sun shines briliantly in the early afternoon.

The light from my window changes from second to second.  Wind-blown branches throw light shadows across the sun’s path, as if the beams are dancing.  It is a wonderful day, weatherwise.  I have a peaceful day.  No pressure to put my 

Abody through.

Lunch has been had, perhaps not very healthy but my food, these days, is restricted.  I look forward to an afternoon of calm and rest.  Possibly watching videos about coffee machines (I now cannot have very much coffee), and watching someone talking about them or coffee, is interesting, but cannot affect me.

I really must utilize my time in this weather by painting more, rather than with my nose buried in this tablet.  But it is so bright and relatively peaceful, I am feeling too lazy.

We are often affected by the moods of others around us, or maybe not moods but health issues of others.  And so we can be somewhat hampered in our everyday lives.  Must tread lightly, for fear we say the wrong thing, at the wrong time.

In this way, we must hedge our bets, tread warily in case we find ourselves in stormy weather ( using metaphors) and have to seek a safe place in which to lick our wounds and regroup.

This week, like many others, has wound on swiftly.  Where do the days go?  How can we stop the march of time?  Impossible it seems.  What we really want is for time to go backwards.  Not a lot maybe, or perhaps the days to be longer?

Such a long time ago, I was a child.  Days long before the Internet was thought of or became a reality.  During a world war,an several wars later.  Still, I cannot think back.  That is pointless.  The past cannot be changed. 

23-9–18.  Todays weather has been wild.  And 

chilly.  A  taste of early winter, perhaps?

Take good care, dear readers.  It is  a wild world out there.



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First September Blog (4-9-18)

Where has the time gone since my last blog?  Days, that have slipped away, unbeknownst, or so it seems.

I do not make plans for future travails.  I have these things rolling around in my head, thinking I will get time to write ( or paint, even), and the time just disappears.  On mundane things, like eating, preparing food to eat, health issues, etc., etc..

Having said that, I do spend time reading emails, and such electronic things.  Which to some might seem like a waste.  In some cases it sort if is, but in others, it is a path of enlightenment.  In contact with people on the American continent, a few in Europe from  time to time.  This keeps me in touch with many nice people, some I used to Pen Pal with, back in the day.

The first part of the year was not good, in more ways than one.  Then we had that heatwave.  I could do nothing whilst the temperature soared.  Now the weather has become stable and cooler, and so much more comfortable.  Again, I have to follow new regimes which can be tiresome, irksome even.

So writing, or painting often has to be put aside until such times as I have time or feel well enough to delve into these projects.  Hence I occasionally resort to posting work completed earlier.  A barque, but there it is!

Oft times, my mind drifts back to the completed novels sitting languishing on my old defunct computer.  If I could, I would rewrite them here.  But it is so many years now since I wrote them, and although I remembenr much of the story and plot lines, it would be a tremendous strain to try to remember every scene, every word I have previously written.  Have any of you writers done this before?

Some writers and painters go on into their 9th decade with clarity.  A few more into their eighties.  I am in the latter category and find day to day life a lot harder than it used to be.  But, I shall struggle on.

This must be all for this blog.  Please be careful, this world is not as safe as we might think.


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Following the feeling…

How very true.

The Silent Eye


Have you ever done something completely illogical, just because it ‘felt right’? Chances are that you have, and that it turned out that listening to that inner, elusive prompt was the best decision you could have made. In bypassing the circuits of habit and the imposed logic of the everyday world we sometimes manage to tap in to a deeper understanding and a clearer vision, one that sees beyond the boundaries we tend to impose upon ourselves all our lives.

We build our vision of reality based on the interpretation of events, both through our own eyes and the filters we impose on ourselves, and through the interpretations we are taught as we grow and learn how to live in a society that has its own rules and preconceptions.

When we are taken out of our accustomed milieu, perhaps travelling to a foreign land where the culture, habits, manners and…

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