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What a wonderful world is the Internet!

Years ago, before computers were the norm, trying to find out about something that interests you, was difficultu.  Now, you can find out about something and there will be people talking about their experiences with that particular interest.  You learn a great deal.  Also. You learn that you are not the only one.  And this can mean a great deal and give you more knowledge in that subject.  I laud it all.  If only my father had become involved !  Sadly he passed before the Internet became ‘the norm’.  He would have been totally fascinated, he loved to learn new facts , and books?  He loved books.

All for now, my friends. Which I hope we will become.



Right everyone, seems I have

Done everythin correctly this time.  With my eyesight problems, it us yard for me to read the small print.

just watching QVCUK.  Nit fir any reasin, just background noise.  Skirt a nd matching top, I tell a lie, skirt only for £45 .  Now, i do not have a lot of cashso most of my gear comes. In much lower than that.  I guess if you are working, that usn’t too high a cosy.  Not that I would buy this particular garment.

All of this is not about writing.  I have written pieces most of my life.  Poems, little bits and pieces but started writing seriously about twenty five years ago.  Took lots of Creative Writing Courses to learn about the craft and to hone what skills I thought I had as a storyteller.  Only my readers can confirm if the end product was worth it.

Short post again for niw, for which I apologise.  More to co e soon about my new novel, ‘Those Tangerine Hills’, working title.

take care,


Hi to anyone reading this blog

Another day where sunshine and warmth are conspicuous by their absence.  This is all so new.  I have no idea if what I am doing is correct!  So be it!  As I said yesterday, ther may be many typos, for which, apologies.

Cannot work in the garden as the weather is somewhat inclement.  When is it not lately.  As far as writing goes, poems are about all I can manage until my computer situation is improved.  I suppose, writing a few more poems is good!  Others may be the judge of that.

I used to have a busy life.  And on some levels, my life is busy.  Just not in the same way.  Age and ill health will do this, but enough of that.

i would like to mention my books on Kindle.  Not many, so far.  I do have a back catalogue of short stories, novels and part completed novels, some of which have been posted on writing sites.  I have also contributed to other people’s anthologies.  Also other writers web sites.  I have a great many poems listed, not quite ready to put into a completed book form, as yet.

My current novel, in edit, is a romance book.  My furst in that complete genre