About Me – Evelyn Steward

This was taken in 1997' local torrents up near Muskoka, Ontario.

This was taken in 1997′ local torrents up near Muskoka, Ontario.

Thus was tien in 1997

Thus was tien in 1997

I am an older person who has been seriously writing for twenty five years and more. I always wrote things, but not seriously. I went to many Creative Writing Courses where I honed my craft. I also met sone nice people, learned how they wrote and how the saw the world.
During and since that time, i have written many many short stories, some novels and lots of poetry. I love reading too, but time is scarce. I love science fiction. One of my favourite authors is Anne McCaffrey in this genre, plus some of the old writers like Assimov and Philip K. Dick and so on.
I have read many historical fiction books. My favourite being Elizabeth Chadwick. But i am now branching out into vampire and zombie books. But they have to be a little different to the usual. These are not my only reading matter, just those currently in vogue for me.


12 thoughts on “About Me – Evelyn Steward

  1. Well,I’ve been corresponding with you for several years,and I can say that right from the start that I got your letters,it was obvious that you had the “knack” for writing.Congratulations for your blog.Well put if If I may use that expression.

  2. Yes Emily, we have been coresponding for a lot of years now. Cannot remember how many. Hope you like more of my blogs. Will be in touch by snail when I can.

    • It is n Awesome place, Niagara Falls. the power of the water is tremendous. Nature at her most indomitable. Definitely worth a visit.
      I live in what they term Outer London. London has expanded so much in my lifetime. It was always urban and on rhe edge of the capitol, but a few years back, they finally inluded it in London postal districts.

  3. I am older, too. Been playing this game long enough to have seen the world change so very much. I’ve been more involved in the editing field, but still have time to write a little fiction…my absolute love!

    Just wanted to share with you my delight with “Ten English Tales”. I have put a review on amazon.com (U.S.)

    • Thank you so very much. Have been out and inoy just got in and read your comment bowmanauthor. Thabk you too ir the review, which will be my next port of call. Bless.

      • I have just read your wonderful review of my Ten English Tales. I am so pleased that tou enjoyed reading thus works, writing Zi assure you, with feeling. I have pkenty more short stories that will, at sone point be published.
        Thank you again, Deborah.

  4. Hi Rebecca, quite a surprise. Thank you. However, i can no longer read normal printed books, due to being now blind in one eye and poorly sighted in the other. And whilst I am delighted to have won the book, it really will be no use to me as these days I read on my paperwhite Kindle. So, if I may suggest, perhaps you might pick again for someone else to enjoy? Again, I thank you, but I am actually now giving many of my real books to charity, keeping only my very favourites for the covers mostly,and sentimental reasons.

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