Interviews With Some Of My Characters

Brahms piano fades from the background and David’s voice can be heard talking about his younger life.

‘Oh , I was a terror in those days, ‘  he chuckles.  ‘Dad wasn’t sure if I was going to follow in the profession or go into the Arm y.’

And the   Profession?”

‘Dad was a Surgeon, a good one too.  I played lots of sports at college, could not keep my mind on the nitty gritty, as it were.’

‘But you came good in the end?’

‘ Had to knuckle down, once I had made up my mind.’

‘Father knows best, you might say?.

‘I guess.  I got the wanderlust from him too.  He travelled to some far flung places, did dad.  Case of mom having to quit nursing and bring us kids up on her own.’

‘About  Laura?’

‘She was totally unexpected.  I think I fell in love with her instantly.  She wasn’t what you call beautiful but attractive.  And warm and honest and……  I coukd go on.  I wasn’t sure she felt the same way, not at first.  Widow of a lawyer, looking after her ailing father.  She really did not want to get entangled with a guy like me.  Happy go lucky, as they say.  She was nothing like my wife.’

‘Your wife?’

‘Oh yes, I was still married at the time.  Seven years together, three separated.  What a bitch she turned into.’

‘So, why didn’t you divorce her?’

‘Never got around to it. I am not good with her sort of confrontation. I cave easily. As long as she was out of my sight, I was happy. UntiI met Laura. Then I had to think about a divorce. ‘

‘So, there are problems now with you and Laura, I gather?’

‘My sister told me to back off, give her some ime to think things through. Yeah, I didn’t call much from India, my last tour you know, and I think she is upset with me.”

‘Well. Thank you David, pleasure to meet you.’



Interview with my character Laura, from ‘Those Tangerine Hills’.

Laura is a busy woman these days. Her office awaits her return. Her prim dress hugs a well toned, though not extra slim, body.

‘I only have a few minutes,’ she tells me. ‘So, I will be brief. Mom was left with a young boy. This is long before I was born,’ she admits, ‘so it was only what I was told. Hard times, I guess. Then Pa saw her and she decided to marry him. Think Pa saw her as a housekeeper mostly, and a young boy he could mould to his own ways. Then I came along, and he wasn’t very happy about having a girl around. My brother got treated so much better than I.’

‘Did you resent that?’

‘Of course. But mom had passed on by this time and college got me away for a bit. It is where I met Peter. He was studying Law, I was deep in design work. We went out together, Peter and I, but, he went on further.  I got a job designing in a small place in the city. It was where Peter found me.’ Her eyes close as she is deep in thought.

‘Now David, I gather?’

‘Yes, David indeed! I really don’t want to talk about him.’

‘I thought you loved him?’

‘Well, there is loving and then there are people who forget you, don’t even ring you. There are telephones all over the world, for God’s sake. Satellites are everywhere.’

‘So you are saying  he hasn’t called you?’

‘Once, only once. Some relationship that is! Oh, I have to go now.’

‘Thanks, most enlightening.’




8 thoughts on “Interviews With Some Of My Characters

  1. It is a novel Lesley, but due to computer changeover still to be done and family ill health, it is still in edit mode. I hopw for completion and publication later this year.

  2. Oh thank you Lesley. That gives me an incentive to get moving on completion. I have asked daughter to transfer work from old computer to her lap top which I am currently using, so I can go back to the edit. But I sincerely like that the interveiws made an impression on you.

  3. Evelyn, have you conquered your computer problems and managed to get your book finished? I love the idea of the character interviews. I have done this with a couple of authors I am having over on my blog soon…I got them to tell me about a Day in the Life of… keep and eye out. 🙂

  4. Not yet Jane. I really have other things going on at present which prevent me from tackling that problem, thank you for asking. And, in the end, it might be rubbish anyway. Today my upright wrist an my Ipad keyboard are giving me gip, so just typing us a challenge. The novel is written, tons of it. Needs much more editing.
    I will keep my eyes open, a you suggest. Yes, thought that wa a good idea, the character interviews. Puts a reader in the frame of mind of wanting to find out more. At least, that was my idea. Who knows what a readersp wants😀?
    (Smiley face, technology, eh?)
    I also have a scifi novel, part of a series, book 1 if you like. And a series of short stories about a jester, I want to make up into a novella or novel.
    Be happy.
    💝 evelyn

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