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First June Blog

First June Blog.

Lots of rain,some really good hot sunshine. It is as if the weather here does not know what to do with itself! This means that the plants and bees, do not know either. Over the weekend the weather changed again where I am, sun gone, rain aplenty.

Some plants are struggling. Others are doing the best they can. My first blackberry flowers are open and one or two bees are visiting them. Plenty more blossoms to follow, if only the warm sun would stay for a lot more hours in the day!

The above was a couple of weeks ago. It was very windy and quite chill during this time. However, two days with some warm sunshine works miracles, it would seem.

So this blog is more about gardening, plants and the care thereof than books, art (well growing things is a form of art in my mind), or any ither subject I have written about previously.

It started late last summer where eating healthy fruits ( and veggies) took over the kitchen. Fruit is expensive, some hard to get hold of, and small portions often cost a great deal, but also, they cn be a long time en route or in store.

What better than to grow your own? Even if it is just a rew?

I never ‘jump in’! I plan, ponder, decide what can be afforded, where they can be grown to best advantage! All in pots or tubs.

My first thought was for blackcurrants! These contain lots if antioxidents which help the body. But cost comes into the buying of said plants. One has to realise that it often takes two years for the plants to start cropping. That in mind, I had also lost my old redcurrant bush. So, price in mind, I biught a set if black, red and whitecurrant bare-rooted plants. (More than three arrived. But that is another tale.)!
An offer of three dwarf raspberry (growable in tubs -goody!) just about the cut of my jib! They were small on arrival late October. But were in tiny pots so I thought they would ‘take’ o.k. (Thereby hangs another tale!)

I bought another bare-rooted bkackcurrant from another Nursery. Hedging my bets! All were planted by December.

Spring has been cool but now, most thingsare growing. Most! Not all? Some of the currant bushes have not grown. At all! Some have, but I have no idea which ones are growing and they were not labelled and without fruit to decide what colour they are, I have no clue as to what currants I have. My guess is probably red or white.

I also purchased gooseberry bushes, two of which also have not grown. So you see, quandary! I will, of course, check out those not growing. Soon!

Deciding to grown herbs, from supermarkets, in a tub, has proved efficaseous. All have done well, even cut herbs stuck in soil, are starting to become plants.

This is my journey so far this season.

Take care dear readers, enjoy the season you are in.



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