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Second July Blog.

Second July Blog.

Exploration of the Soul.

Where is the wind that blows in the mind?
Where does the soul reside?
What do we know of time infinite?
Why, when sought, do we hide?

Seeking love’s dream leaves an ache in the heart.
Searching through time in repose,
Listening to voices that speak now and then,
Catching streamers meandering close.

Speaking of hearts where passion then seeks
A lover, who opens your soul,
Clings to the innermost feelings deep down,
Like the crumbs in an empty bowl.

Hunting a soul mate, on Earth’s lonely plain,
Gathering strange beasts in a cage,
Setting them free, realising the hurt
When they burden our core with their rage.

When Gods rain passion down on our souls,
We scream and bow down in despair,
Searching the cavernous realms of beyond,
Finding peace and content unaware.

So we look on, unfocused, afeared,
Trying our hardest to find
Peace and tranquility with someone to love,
A soul mate to cushion the mind.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2017.


(Photo:-Many years ago now, 1987, before I lost them both.)



Recently sitting in the entrance of an out-patients department at a local hospital, made me think.

People coming in and going out are a sight to behold. Some striding purposefully, others with canes or little trollies to help them walk, slowly. In, out, talking, silent! Worth pondering on.

I thought about what their lives might be. What they do/once did for a living? Where they come from? Starting to think about stories behind their personas!

One gentleman, very tall, came in, went to reception and very quickly returned towards the doorway and, seeing me with an empty coffee cup in my hand asked, would I like it put in the bin. My reply was how kind and thank you, very much. Some manners still abound, it would seem.

Perhaps people are more aware in such places? Though, it has to be said, some are so engrossed in their health problems or those of people they accompany that they fail to see others with problems that may need a touch of kindness. But I suppose we all do that from time to time. More engrossed in our own problems, than seeing others in difficulty.

Not me, I was not really worried about divesting myself of an encumbent, such as a empty coffee cup. Was just holding on to the cup until I could get up and bin it myself, about five steps across the hallway. Though kindness never goes amiss.

At least I had time to purchase a cup of coffee. And here was a probllem. I had NO IDEA that the old £5 notes were no longer LEGAL TENDER! When did that happen?
The lady at the counter brought my fiver back saying she could not accept it!
Luckily I had a tenner with me. O.K. So when are they changing the £10 nots to ‘plastic’ ones then? I hope they let us know, because I missed it with the
£5 notes!!!!!!!!

Now I have to go down to my bank, which is not going to be easy, to hopefully get it changed to a new ‘plastic’ note. Luckily, I do have something to pay in, two birds, and all that! But still, not an easy task. Not these days.

So, at some point in time I will mull on these thoughts further. It was just an observance, more to pass unused time, more than anything else.

So take care, my friends, until next time.


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First July Blog

Precious Summer.

The sky is clear,
No cloud spoils the view.
Trees and fresh bushes
Glint in the sunlight, leaves
Are a lemon yellow, mid green to
Forest hue.
All shades to harmonise
In a rainbow of colour,
Just one chloraphyl blend,
All tones of green.
Just think, if we lived in desert climes,
Sand toned shades, the yellow/brown range,
Would we long for such bounty,
Life-giving, verdent; a spectrum of hope?
Linden trees, cherry, beech and more,
The cradle of Being, irridescent verdure.

Copyright Evlyn J. Steward. July, 2017.



We have endured high tempertures, seldom soaring in this England of ours.

We watered like crazy, trying to give moisture to plants, lawns, precious crops. Then, at a stroke, it came cold (well, chilly). We shivvered, thought of putting heat back on, but resisted, wore cardies instead.

A couple of days ago it changed again, was ‘close’, a bit muggy possibly, but today a high wind spreads the bright sunshine that comes out of a clear blue sky. Proper English summer temperatures, maybe? Anyway, not hot hot, not searing like some States in the US or across the Russian plains like our few days of blistering heat.

Our gardens, for those that grow things, are burgeoning. The cherries are gone over mostly and other fruits and flowers, but others take their place. I have blueberries still mostly green, but some berries have a blush of purplish green, which gives me hope for a small crop to come. My blackberries (which have been a part of my life for 50 years, moving from one place to another via cuttings) have green berries. These will start ripening very soon.

The fruit bushes are growing but will not produce until next summer. Cannot wait, partly because I have no clue as to which currants the growing ones are. Red or white. The blacks have not grown, and that is a whole other story!

I gave in a couple of days ago and bought two pots of flowers, Osteospurmum (white and purple daisy like flowers) and Verbena Rigida (purple). It was impossible to resist some kind of flower plant, even though I said in spring ‘no flowers, other than the bulbs I already had). But really, flowers are for the soul! Flowers leaven the verdure of the trees and bushes.

So, happy summer to you all. Happy Gardening to those it concerns.

As always, take care in this mad world of ours, and keep safe.


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