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First July Blog

First July Blog. 7.7.18

What If?

So, the world turns,

And we have to turn with it

Or remain steeped in the past,

Losing ground,

Ever trying to catch up,

Never quite making

The grade.

But, here is a thought,


Just for an instant

In real time,

Progress, as we see it,

Is not the great stride

We think it to be?

What if, what we have now

Is better than

What we may get

In the future?

Then the remainers

Will have

The last laugh.

The futurists may


Into oblivion,


Eradicated in an

Extreme world

Of undesirability!

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward.  July, 2016.

 (An old poem)

The JULY Journey.

First of July has brought wind and sun,

Third July, sunny, still a bit breezy,, but nice to see the sunshine.

Well, here we are people, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, we are starting the downward slope towards the dreaded winter.

Some years we hardly get a decent amount of summer sunshine to call our names.  If we have , bad summers, how will we get through if we have a severe winter?  That, my friends, is the big question.  A dilemna!

I, for one, need warm weather.  I am a LEO, I need a certain amount of warmth in the summer to keep me going through the long, dark days, with cloudy skies, striking winds, chill autumns.

I know I tend to go on a bit about the weather.   But, I am English, and this  i what we do.  Especially when it does not go the way it ought.  This is my second tough year, and I think I, nay we all, deserve some warm or dare I say it, hot, sunny days during the few precious months that we deign to call our summer.

This year, we seem to be having a glorious amount of summer heat (too much for some people), and most are out enjoying the sunshine as often as they can.  One might say, reveling in it.  It IS that big a deal here in the U.K.

Everything, tree, shrub, plant alike, has done its burgeoning.  Is settled into the state of flowering, ripening fruit, corn, squashes, etc., so it does not need to ‘push’ ahead any more.  In fact, I have already seen leaves skittering down from some of the early-leafed trees.  A sure sign we are going towards the downhill slope, faster than we might like.


I have no young children ready to enjoy the mid-July/August to first week in September, school holidays.  But, it has always amazed me that we send ‘our’ children into the holiday season in almost the eighth month of the year, when the summer Solstice in the third week in June.  The longest day if the year.  In the British Isles, this is  important as we are very high up on the Meridians, much further north than, say, New York.

Also, we are Islands bathed in the Gulf Stream which, in winter, keeps us a bit warmer than we would otherwise be.

There must be a reason for these weird school Terms/Semesters!  I suppose, if it concerned me more ( remembering that when my child attended school, computers were not around, as they are now!) I would Google to seek the answer.   All we can do is hope that ni disaster threatens the path of the Gulf Stream, to send it further south.  It would men much colder winters here, as it was in the past.

 Is it because it fits into some amorphous scheme, thought of in long bygone years?  Times perhaps more suitable to places with better climes, like  Rome, perhaps, France even?  

We were conquered by Normans, and Normandy is after all, where the weather is probably more inherently milder than in the British mainland.  {I would appreciate an answr, if you have one).

It is one of those curiosities which, for no other reason than sheer nosiness about trivia, that take up nano seconds of my day.

Back to the heatwave we are currently enjoying  my blueberry has a few brown leaves.  I checked up on the Royal Horticultural web site which tells me i  been short of water.  The plant tells you this by withdrawing water from some top leaves.

I did try to keep them watered, but was in hospital in April so, that and the strong heat may be the culprit.

Have great holidays, or summers.  Take very good care, wherever you are.