James I & Joan Beaufort: A Royal Love Story

A bit more involved history”. Evelyn.

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220px-King_James_I_of_Scotland James I

The story of King James I of Scotland and his queen, Joan Beaufort, is one of those rarities in Medieval history; a true love story. He was a King in captivity and she a beautiful young lady of the court.

The son of Robert III of Scotland, James had been on his way to France, for his safety and to continue his education, when his ship was captured by pirates in April 1406. Aged only 11, he was handed over to the English king, Henry IV, and imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Shortly after his capture, James’s father died and he was proclaimed King of Scots, but the English would not release him.

James was closely guarded and regularly moved around, but he was also well-educated while in the custody of the English king and was an accomplished musician and poet. He was held at various…

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3 thoughts on “James I & Joan Beaufort: A Royal Love Story

  1. So very interesting. Somewhere back in my family on my grandmother’s side, we have Beaufort blood, via the de Montmorency family from France who married into the English monarchy, linking us to most crowned heads of Europe, and Russian Czars and even a president of the US or two. So the name made me sit up and take note.

  2. Wow Jane! Do I have to pay to talk to you now, ha ha ha! Bless. Have no idea of my heritage. A lot of dad’s stuff may have been lost via The Blitz. Mum’s, do not know either. Need to be on “Who Do You Think You Are?”
    Bless for reading this interesting blog.

    • LOL yes indeed, I’ll get the hat and pass it round. I’ve been doing family history for 35 years or so. It has been interesting, an Archbishop of Canterbury and a Harlot which upset the mater, one who was in the Easter uprisings of 1916 in Dublin and found himself not executed, but in jail at the same time his brother was dying of wounds at the Somme. And there’s a female pirate too. Never a dull family it seems. Yes the Blitz would cause problems but there are so many people looking now, even the hardest information can sometimes be found via the most strange methods and contact. Your blog is always interesting, never dull. 🙂

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