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First January 2018, Blog

First January, 2018, Blog.

Ancient and Modern Winters.

These islands have weather
As strange as can be,
Sunshine, snow showers,
Heavy rain, wind, wild and free.
Not the bad storms
When ice and snow would last,
Not in my time nor
In centuries long past.
And wolves prowled forests,
Deep snow drifts piled high,
Muddy horse tracks, wet
And slippy under dark sky.
‘Tis said, we are warmer,
With towns, homes, all aglow,
Warmth in most buildings
And traffic, to and fro.
Heat from cities gets
Pumped into the air,
How the old citizens
Would love to share.
So now we look forward,
Past January and Feb.,
Daffodyls, song birds
And spider-built web,
On to the spring
With much longer days,
A great deal more sunshine
And warm weather praise.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. January, 2018.

Halfway through the month, so my apologies.

The last few weeks have visited illness upon me. Like so many others on these Facebook pages.

I took advantage of a Flu jab quite early on, last autumn. Did it do me any good? Not sure because I have no idea quite if that is what I have had these last few weeks. Certainly nothing I have suffered through December ‘17 and January ‘18 has followed a once normal course of infectious chest events.

Sore throats that stayed just, sore throats. Never moving down onto my chest. Strange!

I did write more on the subject of my health but have decided that that would be a boring subject for most of you. So with that in mind, here we go.

This time of year, many are beginning a course of dieting and possibly exercising to lose some Holiday weight. Or, like myself, need to lose some of the collected weight that I lost about three yeats ago – difficult for a Diabetic, even more difficult for an elderly person who is also Diabetic.
We need to keep our weight down, if possible but even less easy to achieve, (if dieting could ever be thought of as an easy weight-losing device).

Many of us, expecially the ladies, are a tad overweight. Surveys suggest that more and more people now are obese, which can lead to future health problems.

In many cases (and partly, as I believe) this could be put down to fast food outlets where food preparation contains many products which, if eaten often, can produce weight gain. Also, I believe we, as a Nation, have become lazy in preparation of home made healthy meals, or work in jobs that take up a larger amount of time, so prep. time can be very short.

I have been watching a few t.v. programmes on this subject where a few people are given special diets and are checked for weight loss at the end of a period of. In one programme, two people (often friends or related) are given different diets (named diets) to see if they lose weight by sticking to the diet. Those I saw recently did, over time, lose weight. Each couple and each of the pair have a different diet. Some I have not heard of (but that may be just me not being well informed.

In other previous, different programmes, it was sort of proved that some peoples’ DNA controls whether they can lose weight or not on different diets. Their metabolism is controlled by their DNA. It was a three group trial and gave results to that effect.

However, I think that one has to have a deep purpose to lose weight. Mine was not weight loss at first but needing to drop my blood sugars. It was a strict regime of cutting out carbs.. As a Diabetic, the blood sugars had to be brought under control (I had not realised they were bad). This eating pattern, over a few months, not only reduced my blood sugar levels but gave me a bonus of significantly dropping my weight.

Once my sugars were under control, I carried on with the diet for a few more months before going back to a more sizeable set of meals. Sadly, over a couple of years, the weight increased again. I am still lower than when I originally started ‘dieting’ (this often happens with Diabetics) but much bigger than I would like to be.

So I am looking towards lowering the fat without messing with the blood sugars! Not such an easy task, the older I get. Whether or not this will happen is anybody’s guess.

Thank you for reading this Blog. Hope it is to your satisfaction this time.

Best Wishes for the New Year, 2018, and be safe out there in this big old world.