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First December Blog

First December Blog  5-12-18


There is no snow around me,

No frost or freezing air,

It’s dismal, cloudy and rainy,

But really  I don’t care.

I’m happy that the weather

Is mild as it can be,

Even though December

Should be colder than you see.

And great to have a Christmas

All fluffy white with snow,

But isn’t it a bother

As round the stores you go? 

Now twinkling lights are pretty

With Santas, stars,so bright,

Windows in the shopping Mall

Are filled with brilliant light.

It is the fifth of December,

Only twenty days to go,

We’re stocking up for Christmas,

Cup of Cheer, and Ho Ho Ho.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward.  December, 2018.

Yes, a rainy damp and dismal day.  But quite mild for this time of year.

England’s winter has been mild for several years.  We, here in the southern part, do not get much snow most winters, so that when snow does visit us, it is unusual, and it does not last very long.  We are all surprised when it does happen.  Last year, we had a couple of days worth.

There have been odd times when the white stuff has come, and stayed for a week or two,  but that is rare now.

Last season, the spring bulbs started growing very early, October/November because the weather was so warm.  I think they are later this year.  I 

wonder if this is a portent?

My tree is now up, it is strung with pretty lights.  I slight change from last year when I had pastel coloured lights.  It has no other decorations at the moment.  I did buy some sparkly pine cones, but in the journey home,  huge amounts of sparkles left the cones to cling to the plastic box.  So, guess what?  They are going back for a refund.

All my cards went a couple of weeks ago.  Surprised myself at how organised I am this year.  (Normally I am a ‘tail-end Charley).

How do you all celebrate the Holiday?  Mine will be very quiet, as always, watching special films we  like at Christmas.  No plans as yet, as to which ones, there are so many.  The old b/w A Christmas Carol, Elf, The Christmas Good Life, Christmas Porridge, Home Alone, there are many others.

This fills up time, so the holiday goes fast.  At my age, I like peace.  I have been to lots of parties in my time.  My wider family always came to us at Christmas when I was young.  Dancing, singing into the early hours.  Mum and dad used to buy several ‘gas mantles’ as, ‘when we all let our hair down’, hands accidentally touched a ‘mantle, insitu’, breaking the delicate object and leaving us without light, until it had cooled down and new one set in.  Happy memories.

Football played a part at Christmas.  The men went to the local football club, both Christmas Day and Boxing Day, whilst the sisters ( my mum, aunt Annie and aunt May were in the kitchen getting the meal ready and having a good old ‘chinwag’.  I do not have many photos of those years, most of my family have gone now, only the odd one or two photographs to remind me.  The pictures are all in my head.

I have other Christmas memories, they are a comfort, when I pass, they will be lost to time.  Not maudlin, just thinking!

Be careful out in this world, be you driving a vehicle, getting on a bus or just walking, or any activity.  Life gets hectic around this Holiday and if you are not on your toes, things can happen.  There are mad people in this world doing just what they want, no matter if they hurt others.




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