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Rainy Garden Wednesday

Wonderful Earth.


Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life – John Updike

Apple blossom in the rain

Apple blossoms in the rain – how beautiful is that?

Iris in the rain

Iris in full bloom.

Mountain Bluet

On the blue theme: Mountain Bluet.

Rhodo in the rain

Rhododendron kissed with rain drops.

Rainbow down the slide 3

I caught this rainbow slipping down a slide area on the mountain across the lake.

Rainbow down the slide

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Frogs And A Muntjac To Date

Onwards an upwards, or along, whichever you prefer.

Just Life - Jennie Orbell

So, I can now confirm that the two acre wood is ours. The deeds have been signed, the monies paid, and the fat lady has sung.

It also has a name. Follow this . . . grand children = grand kiddies = griddies. That’s it. Griddies Copse.

We spent last weekend getting our bearings, avoiding rotten tree branches that swayed precariously and threatened to fall with less than the slightest touch, and trying to avoid squashing baby frogs – lots and lots of baby frogs!

There’s masses of work to be done.

The first job, and of paramount importance obviously, was to erect the two bird tables, the bug box and the seed feeder. Weirdly, nothing had found any of them by Sunday. I think the wood is so old and unattended that the birds don’t even bother looking for food in it, and seriously, why should fat balls, niger and…

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First May Blog

First May Blog.

Hello my friends. It has been a little while since I posted. Life and health has taken over, even more than my previous posts at times.

I am keeping up with what is happening to everyone out there in the world, as much as I am able. And, as the English weather has not been too kind recently, it is very depressing, watching the plants and trees from inside, wanting to be out in the sunshine, the sun that seems to have passed us by. Reminds me of the Queen’s Jubillee, when it poured with rain and was quite cold in June of that year, and had been for most of the spring months.

It has been warmer today 10-5-17. Not hot hot, but warmer.

So, what is new in my world? Some of my fruit bushes are growing bright leaves. Others, not growing at all. As yet, anyway. I am advised that they may take time to grow roots before sprouting leaves. Cannot wait!

One replacement dwarf raspberry disappeared but I found it weeks later further down the garden, (almost buried in growing grass,) in its small pot, wrapped in plastic. I treated it with care, bringing it up to sit next to its kin, it is now doing well but needs repotting into something larger (when the weather comes a bit warmer).(This has now been accomplished. It is growing leaves strongly. Not the same size as its brethren, but it is younger.)

My blueberry plant has a lot of flowers so I am hoping the insects and lately, bees, have been able to pollinate and I can taste the fruit this season. I also have a Pink Blueberry plant that started out much smaller, still is! So I guess no flowers and, ergo, no fruits this season. However, it is doing well.

I have been trying to do more coloured pencil drawing. It is hard, Harder due to loss of half my sight some twelve years ago. It is the outlines that give me trouble as most have to be drawn faintly, and I cannot see some, or perhaps all of the outlines. Never mind, soldier on! Perhaps I will post one painting as my header here on this blog. Surprising how many colours you need. Not quite like paint or pastels. One has to ‘layer’ colours (one on top of another, many layers often of several colours.) This is fine if you have a working set of colours, and I have quite a few of the better quality pencils, but obviously, not enough, not in the type of pencil I like, and believe me, there are all kinds.

Various pencils which suit you, the artist. Hard, medium, scratchy, oily,, waxy, watercolour. You choose which suits you. I have a large set from the 1990s, best there were then in my little art shop I went to. Now I am finding them too waxy. The problem is not insurmountable, but takes effort to sort out. So it is a case of starting again. Methods have all changed in any case. Just a case of trial and error, doing what I can, the best I can. I am finding that i like the way Prismacolour Premier pencils blend. I also like Polychromos pencils

I belong to several art groups online. The work peoplegsve done and show online in these Groups, is beautuful. So many cleverly artistic people in the world that can now show their pieces online for all of us to view. All types of art and in all mediums. Many people draw or paint different types of art. Good old Internet! Spreading the word. And, if you need help or instruction on what paper people use or blending materials, the best pencil sharpeners, erasers, water soluable pencils which youtube instruction videos are helpful, the people in the Group ‘Coloured Pencils 4 Beginners’ are informed and extremely helpful when asked.

Saturday had come round again with some early rain, ( so, good for the gardens). Amost mid May and still not much summer. Must not grumble though! The rain saves watering the plants.

Take care out in this old world of ours. Be joyful at whatever you do. Bless you all.


Free Book and a Morning Visitor

Oh, what a big fella/gal! Would be worried if we had them in England still.


Bear 2017 - A

This guy or gal stopped by this morning to say hello Smile

Bear 2017 B

I was having a coffee and thinking about how to promote the last free day for Disappearing in Plain Sight – 1st book in the Crater Lake Series.

DPS sale banner 3

Bear watching and book promoting – great morning activities. Oh, did I say the 4th book – No Compass to Right - in the series is available for pre-order with a release date of June 1st?

Large NCR release banner (2)

But let’s focus on what really matters and get back to that bear Smile And coffee Smile

Bear 2017 C

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The positives in negativity

This may help some people.

The Silent Eye

“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings

hast thou ordained strength…”

KJV Psalm 8:2

I passed the entire night in the hinterland between sleep and waking. It is that odd state where the body rests unresisting but the mind wanders down strange pathways, making connections between seemingly random things and finding answers to questions we did not know we needed to ask. Therefore, when I woke, exhausted and feeling rather low, I simply blamed the fitful night.

It had not even occurred to me to take the leaflet that seriously. I don’t like the things, but I am only going to be taking the damnable pills for a short while and adding steroids to the current handful of pills, as opposed to being waltzed off to hospital, seems a far better option. I had them once before for pneumonia and, beyond the usual sleep disruption and digestive problems, I…

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