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First October Blog

First (and probably the last for the month of October), October Blog.

It seems a very, very long time since I posted a blog. Perhaps too long? And my apologies for being so tardy. Lots of things taking my time and that I have little or no control over.

My time has been eaten up by mundane affairs. Mundane and extremely stressful happenings.

Some of this has been virtually completed, apart, of course, from the problems in the aftermath, as there generally are. Why would there not be problems? Ahhh! Such is the way of life.

That apart, I have recently been delving into an art medium that goes under the general name of ‘water soluble wax pastels’. There are three makes that I know of, so far. There are very probably more.

The gem product is made by Caran D’Ache and goes by the name of Neocolour 11. They work like wax crayons, you can colour in with them or draw with them. The beauty is that add some water, via a brush (I have even used ‘folded to a point’ kitchen towel) and they act like watercolour paint. You really do not need loads of water.

In fact, I dip my brush in water and wipe most off with a hand held piece of kitchen towel or something of the sort, or a piece of clean rag, before I wet the crayoning on my paper. One can even have a drawn design or plain paper, apply your brush to whichever crayon colour you prefer. The brush will pick up the colour and transfer it onto your paper.

The cheaper brands, like Reeves or Artists Loft (from Hobbycraft) are good for children to use, so it is said. The Artists Loft, being fatter, easier for children to hold maybe, and cheap enough at £7.00 for a pack of 24 colours.

The use also depends on what kind of paper you use. Watercolour paper of course but I found that the rough paper is better in that the water is taken up better. I also tried Bockingford Aquarelle but the paper buckled and also sucked up the water which made it very hard to blend these wax soluble wax pastels.

It is a learning curve, using all mediums. If you are interested, do try. The learning is enjoyable.

Be happy, and careful out in the world.


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