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Last June Blog, 30-6-18.

Last June Blog. 30-6-18

“The sun has got his hat on,

hip, hip, hip hoorah,

the sun has got his hat on

and he’s coming out to play”!

The sun shines, all’s right with the world.  At least, in the  UK , I think everywhere in the UK has sunshine?

We love to get our summer sunshine, whenever that happens to be.  Usually for  few days in June.  Maybe this year we will get a longer summer, maybe not.  We never know!

During the long dark days of late autumn, winter and early spring, whatever that all means, we dream of days of light.  Days that actually mean ‘full days’ of light, not the pittance we often get masquerading as summer, but full blown long, hot, sumner days.  Days we can sit in the garden or stroll through a park, enjoying a sunny spot of dry grass to sit on and watch birds or talk ‘about the weather’, as we often do (sunny or not).

This year looks as though we may have more than just a couple of summer days.  Of course, now I have ‘put the mockers on it’.  Will say no more, will not tempt providence.

What many of us do, during those dark winter times, is plan our summer gardens.  We look through catalogues for seeds and plants.  Or, if like me, you buy plants as the fancy takes you, and the spring leads on into summer, you think on what it will be like when the fruit flowers bloom.  In our minds, count how many berries will grace our palettes.  How pretty our flowers will turn out to be from those first tempting buds.

And now, that longed for summer sunshine has arrived.  We start to complain that we have used up rainwater in the barrels and have to raid the taps.  Some plants do not like tap water but you tell them ‘ it is only for a short while and we usually get rain in July’.  I have read that some Councils are talking of hose-pipe bans already.

Job’s Comforter, you say?  Well, we all need rain for a time.  If only life was like Science Fiction, where we could order rain to fall during the night, and that it would stop at sunrise!  Unfortunately, Science Fiction is just that.  Fiction.  It does not happen that way.

We water our tubs, hoping that plants in the ground will be able to cope with water from a hose just twice a week, if they are lucky. (My climbing roses that have not been watered at all and were suppised to last from the last rainfall weeks ago, are going brown).

If you do not do any gardening, the above is not applicable.  But if you run, play tennis, take the dog for a walk, then it is.  You see, the summer affects us all, in one way or another.

Unless my words fall true, which I hope they do not as, apart from water, we NEED a good summer, once in a while.  We NEED the Vitamin D we get from sunshine.  People in these islands get little enough Vitamin D.

Have a great summer, wherever you are.  Be careful, do not get sunburn, that is deadly.



Hummingbirds and Freebies

Lovely review, wonderful hummers. Well done.


Hummingbird Magic

In Haida legend hummingbirds bring joy and healing. We commonly encounter the Rufus Hummingbird in our area of Northern Vancouver Island. In early spring these little energy-powerhouses leave their wintering grounds in Mexico and find their way north following the early sea level blooms of red flowering current and salmonberry.

The males, distinguished by their bright red neck markings, arrive first. They stake out their feeding territory and defend it with gusto. I’ve seen this phenomenon first hand. The little guy below maintains an ongoing post perched on the edge of our butterfly chimes right next door to the feeder. He is relentless in driving off the other hummingbirds that come around. Though every now and then, a group of five to six females will work together to take over the feeder for a few hours.

IMG_2401 (2)

Quick note – , 1st book in the Crater Lake Series, is FREE through…

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First June Blog

First June Blog.  2-6-18


A Breath of Summer.

Let me see a summer sunrise,

New day dawning, bright and gay,

Hear birds call to taunt each other,

Welcoming a brand new day.

Poppy buds unfolding slowly,

New red petals, shining bright,

Roses growing in the arbor,

Sweetly scenting through the night.

Fruits on vines are gently ripening,

Apples burgeoning on the bough,

Rhubarb crunkling as it’s bursting,

Cherries reddening here  and now.

I love the warmth of summer sunbeams,

Creamy stukes of wheat in fields,

Orangey early apricots ready,

The wonder of Nature and its yields.

Summer here in all its glory,

I have lived it, many a year,

As I age, i’ll miss it always

When my time to go is near.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward.  June 2nd, 2018.


It finally came!  Summer, and it seemed so slow and then……..all of a rush….. it appreared, and,  if not as sunny as we wish, then warmer and a tad humid will do.  All is acceptable.

I suppse this is to be expected.  I mean, how many summer starts have I been privy to, all these years?  Quite a bundle of them, and probably few have been  exactly the same.

I re-watched a film recently, ‘Jackie Brown’ where a character is asked ‘can you trust Melanie’?  The answer was, ‘ you can always trust Melanie to be Melanie’.  And this is how I feel about the British weather/summer, you can always expect it to be changeable yet still the same.

I wrote in my last May blog about herbs, thinking I had bought the last I was going to get.  NO!  I found a new one I had not seen before ( though obviously knew existed) a Peppermint plant.  I do have ordinary mint, though the leaves on this plant looked different in the store.  When stroked  they give off a lovely peppermint aroma.  ( when I saw the leaves at home, they are not much different.  My eyes!)

I grow these herbs to touch and smell when I am able to sit outside, I seldom use them in cooking.  It is a lovely addition to my collection, even though it cost double that of the other herbs I have bought this season, though probably still cheaper than from a nursery.

However, I like Petunias for the summer garden and, at a reasonable  price, I purchased a tray.  Should not have done as it means I have to buy a new container to house them.  But I promise, these are the last plants this season.

With a new bag of compost and a new container, I have now bedded all the plants.  The new mint will sit in its own pot temporarily.  Remembering what the mint from last year did, grow lots of roots, taking space from other herbs, then this one will have to live by itsself, perhaps I will purchase a larger pot for it next week.  I will ponder on this matter.

So, what is next in the gardening world?  Sit in the sun and contemplate the size of my gooseberries.  Sit again and watch my raspberries ripening, catch the bees flitting from one last flower to another hoping for a bit more pollen or sweet nectar.  Perhaps only now have time to try some art work in warm surroundings in between medical appointments.  Perhaps!

Elderberry bushes have thrived on the recent rain.  They are overflowing and will need cutting back, somehow.

So here is my contemplative summer.  Peaceful, filled with late lunchtime birdsong ( they seem to choose this time, for whatever reason.  )  I am not normally awake at 4 a.m. to hear them all calling, chirping, so lunch time is the birdsong time for me.

Please take very good care going out and about, dear reader.  Bless you all.


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