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Twelfth And Last December Blog


Twelfth December Blog. 22-12-14

Shortest Day.

I said in my last blog that I probably would not post again until after Christmas. And I am only writing this part to mention that, here in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year has come, and gone. I have no idea how anyone else feels, but I for one, hate winter and am so pleased when this event occurs on the 21st December each year. It means that from now on, each day will become lighter longer, morning and evening.

It is Christmas Eve. Been a peaceful day. No shops! No worries. Resting, coffee, cheese and biscuit lunch. Sausage rolls for tea, I hope to make soon. Watching food programmes, gentle ones, not those chefs who are all bouncy,, but Nigel Slater, who has a softer approsch.

Have deboned the turkey breast, stuffed it with sausagemeat and tied it up in a roll so, easy-carve. My legs will roast on their own beside the breast roll. Made sausage rolls for this evening. All done and half eaten.

25-12-14. Christmas Day evening, resting after a late meal. Turkey was nice. Had Black Forest gateaux later. We have Christmas pudding but tends to be heavy after a large meal. Watched latest X Men. 2nd Mummy film on now, was not good when made. First Mummy Film was excellent though. See, another film that has nothing to do with Christmas.

Also a piece about how “Frozen” came about. Yes, we watched it a couple of days ago. The songs are easy for children to learn and sing. We watched a programme about how the film came about, how the songs were written. In. Theatre, there were children, many dressed in character, singing along. Enjoying every moment.
A great Disney film., one that is being loved by kids and adults alike.

Watching several, old and new, Top Gear Specials. Quite fun, even though personally, I do not drive. Most, we have seen before, laughed at and enjoyed before. The one going to the North Pole, the one through parts of Africa. The new one, in two parts, through Argentina down to Tierra del Fuego (and the hoo ha that went with it). Enjoyable but, less so than usual.
However, it is midday New Years Eve, again watching Top Gear Special in South America ( not the contretend one but an earlier one that starts going through jungle). They are interesting and oft times comical. Does make me wonder what joy men ( OK, some people) have in motorised vehicals? It gets one from A to B, and as far as I am concerned, that is all they mean to me.

The Year Beginning.

So, a New Year has begun,
What will these days mean to us?
Now that two thousand and fourteen
Has passed, oh what was the fuss?
Forget the past, think of today
When you start to plan ahead
Of what achievements you wish to make,
What joy, what hope, what dread?
As youths, we scarce plan for tomorrow.
As the years pass on by, we sojourn,
But in the passing of most of our lives
We think back, often wish to return.
Oh where is the callowness, gone I fear,
Passed like winds, nought to show.
Dare I look back at what life passed by me.
Do I wish, do I sigh? Oh, no.
For there is no way I can visit those times,
Except in my dreams, in my mind.
Remembering only brings tears to my eyes,
An ache in my heart for my kind.
So value the passage of time set adrift,
Make use of whatever it brings,
Sadness of joy, we value them both,
And in each of those goals, our life sings.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. Last Day of December, 2014

Sunshine again, with a sharp frost. Which reminds me of a “Porridge” quote from episode two, Mr Mackay, the warder says to the new prisoners, ” Beautiful day, for the time of year, quite astonishing!” (It being New Years Day).

Which brings me to my wish for you all to have a Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful and Productive Year ahead. Happy 2015. May it bring you all the kindness you want for yourself, Family and friends.



The Edge of the New?

Something to ponder on as one year changes, by calendar, into the next, our methid of marking time.

The Silent Eye

Edge of new tree

We tend to view the approach of key milestones like the New Year as marking a transition for us, as though they had some objective reality. In fact, outside of major astronomical events, such as the solstice, their significance must really be within ourselves. But we do all share them, so in one sense they have a collective presence in our consciousness.

The ancient wisdom, in all its forms, has taught us that our real being – our Soul if you like – has its place and its growth in the now. Regardless of the constructs our society places around things.

The now is a simple thing to say, but quite a complex concept to grasp, if we want to use it for personal transformation. To examine the now from the mind’s perspective is a bit like sawing through a tree to see its inner flow!

Edge of New tree trunk sawn

The reason we have…

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Uh Oh! A Man Without The Use Of His Right Hand?

Love the posts here Gail

jennie orbell

Hi All

Sometimes I’m wrong. No, really, I am. Here we are galloping towards the end of another year and in my tiny mind I’d decided that all that remained of note, in the remainder of this year, was to pick up a few stocking fillers for the  griddies (grandchildren), ice the bloody Christmas cake that I still haven’t got round to icing, tart up the lounge with a bit of berried variegated holly from the garden and attempt to cook a gammon joint.

I’d throw in a bit of cleaning here and there and that would be it. Then I’d unearth the T.V Christmas edition of ‘What’s On,’ (only ever buy a Christmas one) and settle down around 4.00 pm Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day.

Good plan? Yes. But then, you know what they say about ‘the best laid plans?’

I think I’ve told you in previous blogs…

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Eleventh December Blog

Merry Christmas to all my followers.

Merry Christmas to all my followers.

Eleventh December Blog.

How many Christmas books and films do you treasure to revisit at Christmas?

Oh, plenty watch t.v. and the re-broadcasts of what are termed ‘old favourites’ here in England. But really! Are they?

I think it is more a cash saving opportunity for the t.v. scheduling Companies to save a bob or two. Yes, here I shall be depicted as Scrooge. But, if you think about it, they have to balance the books too ( in favour of those shareholders who want a larger income because prices have gone up), not that I am in favour of those with more, getting more. It seems to me an easy option. They have probably already paid for long term rights to films/t.v. Series etc. so why not kill two birds, etc………?

We all have our individual favourites, so we pick and choose what to watch, when to watch them ( luckily, for most, that facility is now available to us) when we want or have time to play back and enjoy watching them in a leisurely way. Ain’t that grand?

Personally, I love to watch the Christmas “The Good Life”. Seen it countless times, but like all the others we watch, are like visiting old friends. Going to be on today (Saturday pre Christmas) but we cannot see it due to a summer cable accident. So we will watch it at our leisure.

Not in any order, other than how they pop into my mind, The Christmas specials . “Porridge” , both hour long episodes, if they are available. The black and white version, with Alistair Sim of “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Neither of thes look good in colour, in our opinion. There are others that are a little offbeat like. “The Bishop’s Wife” and ‘Elf”, and many others.

‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’
‘Die Hard’
‘Home Alone’
‘Muppet Christmas Carol’
‘Miracle in 34th Street ‘ ( most versions)
‘White Christmas’
‘Trading Places’

I will stop here because lots have been missed out, many purely childrens films and as I have no contact with children any more, we do not watch many of these a they can become too sad.

You will have your own lists, I am certain. (Oh for the old days when I was young with lots if cousins and aunties, party in the evening. – no television then ).

What I do find most annoying are films that should never be aired at Christmastime, and more often than not, are!

Films like “Ben Hur”. This never has been a film about Christmas. It is an Easter film, always has been, alwys will be. The only reason they air it at Christmas is… fills a gap in time, being 3 and a half hours long. I know. Back when videos were all the rage, I had to use two tapes as the three hour tape was half an hour short.

There are others, I know, that fall into this category, for all kinds of reasons, just filling air time. Films with maybe just a hint of Christmas, others with no rhyme nor reason for being aired in this season of jolity. Yes, a religious festival for some, perhaps for many, but for lots of people it can be ‘ see the family, have a drink with friends, settle down, the kids or grands play with toys, but watch the box’. How many still watch the Queen’s speech? Tradition! Does she really have anything ti say these days ? After all, mostif the time she puts forward what the Government wants us to know. She is just a titular head these days. Maybe that is as it should be. After all, days when kings or querns could do what they liked are long gone.

This might be my last pre – Christmas Blog ( unless something take my fancy ), so I will reiturate my thanks for reading any or all of my missives. Please continue to do so if you have time ( always time gets away from us, doesn’t it? ). I thank you all once again and wish you all the best of the Seasonal Festivities in whatever part of the world you live in. Please come back and visit me some more. I enjoy your comments and I enjoy knowing that you are all out there with me.



Tenth December Blog

Merry Christmas to All.

Merry Christmas to All.

Tenth December Blog

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like……?

Yes, that too. But I was thinking more about how much work is still to be done before the fateful day/s

More food shopping. More lists to make, regarding what food and drink to buy, where to purchase it all. Because, believe you me, the first supermarket/food shop you visit will not have certain items on your list. Either they do not sell/stock said item/s or they have sold out and so you will have to move on to the next shop/store what-have-you.

You have not bargained for this little hiccup. It is going to take up much more time and inconvenience, not to mention effort, when you can least afford to lose that extra time and effort at such a busy part of the year. So suddenly, the list doesn’t look as good as it did when you first thought about making it and being so organised.

Change of purchasing venue might mean the taste of what you needed the item for, will possibly be different. It may also be a different size/weight. Ultimately, you will either have to buy twice, or waste some, depending on which it is. Neither is a good option. But you have to make the choice, and make it fast because there are plenty of other last minute shoppers right behind you doing exactly the same thing. And, despite the stores and shops being inundated with food, wine, clothing, seasonal goodies all ready to be sold the week before Christmas, with so many people shopping last minute, changing their lists, stocks are bound to run out.

Will you get all you want, all you need, before others get there ahead of you? It is a true rat run, especially for the woman of the household. Most men tend to be tail-end Charlies. Christmas Eve, get something, anything:- does not matter what, so long as it look like a gift. Am I being old-fashioned here? Have the male species changed that much since I grew older? Maybe the younger men? Do tell me If I am totally wrong.

So, my theory is, get out, get in the store/shop as early as possible. Make a solid list that you have checked out beforehand ( not a lot of time left for that, but, be that as it may) do as much a you can. The earlier the better, even if that be 6 a.m., Christmas Eve, get in there and pick what you need, ( and if that means you get very tired, so be it), you will be pleased to have done everything in proper order, and have a good rest when others are in the twenty deep queue at every till.

Be jolly, be happy ( not miserable and worn out because you left everything until the last minute), get into the Christmas Spirit – ilet the others get het up, angry and disappointed. You will remain serene, calm, sipping a glass of your favourite tipple, laughing at how well you have done, enjoying greeting your early guests, or having more time to get ready to go out somewhere nice with no hassle.

An adendum. – nComing home from a little bit of shopping, with lots of traffic, daughter said ‘look, two Santas!’ As we passed by them we could see they were lady Santas. How cute! Daughter complained she wished she had her camera with her. But as she was driving at that point………! I will leave you to ponder the predicament we would have been in. And just then ‘Santa Baby’ started on the music of Bouble ( sorry, don’t know how to spell his name, but he sings a good Christmas song.)

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, as the song goes ( yea for Bouble).


Ninth December Blog


Next part of my story

Ninth December Blog. 17-12-14

Next portion of

The Way Home.

(. From last post on this “That cannot be helped, right now. All we can do, has been done. We need new orders to cover the situation. Come! Speed may help.” Adire and Hroan left Ruby in the hallway. She would awaken soon, remembering little of her two visitors. Little, but just enough to prick her mind. -starting from now:-)

” Ruby’s head was pounding as she woke. She felt nauseous too. Bright sunshine streamed through the narrow gap in the curtains. “i can’t deal with this,” she said aloud, wondering what had happened to make her feel so bad. She could not remember going to bed. She did not remember much of anything, come to that. Mussing her less than tidy hair, she took her head in both hands, shaking her head side to side to try to make herself feel normal again.

The room was chilly. Pulling back the bed linen, she slipped her legs out from under the covers, feeling a sudden chill. Searching around with her toes, she located her slippers. The floor was icy but soon her slippers were on, as well as her dressing gown. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a few moments, she wondered how she got into bed last night. Ruby had the distinct impression that she collapsed in the hallway. That was the last thing she remembered.

Downstairs was chilly too. Ruby set about lighting the gas stove to get a bit of warmth going. A few minutes later the kettle sang loudly as Ruby bustled about the kitchen, washing up last nights cup.

So she had tea then, last night? What was the time?

It was after ten o’clock! But it was Saturday so she need not worry about work. At least part of her brain was thinking the right way!

Dressing later, she checked the weather. Sunshine! No snow then! She remembered snow yesterday. Something was missing! Ruby had no idea what it was, but something was definitely missing.

At the small shop, just along the road, she bought a newspaper, almost collapsing at the pictures on the front page. Fire engines, police cars, ambulances. And the headlines ‘Blast destroys bank in London!’ , and ‘A hundred people killed or injured!’ It was her building, where she used to work until recently. Somehow, the news seemed secondhand. But how could that be?

Immediately Ruby’s chest tightned. She found it hard to breathe. Her hand clutched over her heart. Her mind whirled as she fought to stay alive.

It was then that a strange apparition appeared before her eyes. Just a face, no more than that. The mouth moved but no sound came. Then, like a radio had suddenly switched on, a crackle, the air felt electric. Then a familiar voice broke through. “Keep breathing Ruby, I will be with you very quickly. Just KEEP BREATHING!”

The face disappeared, was gone, then instantaneously, was before her again. Not just a face but a whole body. “Well done, Ruby, good girl.” The figure wrapped her arms around Ruby’s body, tightening at each staggering breath that Ruby took.

Gradually, with Hroan’s arms about her, Ruby’s breath became easier. There was peace too, and Ruby had no idea why, but, she felt at ease. All the terror left her. All the bad feeling that had settled inside her mind as she read the headline, dissipated like a wave on the shore, flowing out to sea. She felt the motion of water surrounding her body, bouyed up by its elasticity, supported by its depths, lulled until a cloying sleep overtook her, her mind at ease.

“We cannot keep doing this,” stated Adire.

“No,” agreed Hroan, “but we have no choice. This one is not strong.”

Ruby lay on her bed, covered by just a duvet. Her breathing was deep, sonorous. Nothing disturbed her slumber for several hours.

This is as far as it goes for a few days or more. See how I feel.

Have a good day out there my friends


Eighth December Blog


Eighth December Blog. 14-12-14

Weird Advertising!!!!

Went shopping Saturday morning. Great sunshine again this morning. Love it.

The title of this possibly short blog is due to something spotted on the way to the store. Daughter said, “look over there, dinosaurs! What are dinosaurs doing in a golf club?”

I looked, and sure enough, there were, Diplodocus. and way over the back, a Tyranosaurus Rex. In front, something like a Stegosaur and something else looking like a large crocodillian. Possibly, more dinosaurs further over, we were driving past, after all, not parked.

Now, the question is this. What is a small golf club/range doing with large model dinosaurs???? Are they trying to attract youngsters to play golf? Is there some special Fete going on today? Seems a lot of trouble to go to for something small. So, curiosity, why are these reasonably large prefabricated dinosaurs stuck aound a mini golf area??? Is a puzzlement?

Thete are lots of advertisements on t.v. that are shown to the general public. And you see them and think to yourself ‘what the heck was that?’ It appears to have no relation whatsoever with the product is purporting to sell to you.

Has marketing isuddenly gone mad? Do these advertising geeks think we can be wooed, simply because we like a pretty iscene, a smiling face, a …….it goes on?

Call me old-fashioned, call me old. Call me stupid ( I may be technologically backward – but stupid with regard to most things – I am not) but everyone is not the same, surely? Certainly, the advertising geeks do want to hit their target audience? Otherwise, what would be the point? Spending all that money, and no one understanding what it is all about!

Happy Monday to you all. Off to play Santa to my old writing partner and long term friend.