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Mini blog- ette.
NEXT came to visit our house this morning. Nothing unusual about that, you may say.
Well it is. For many years i have been, politely, rotund, shall we say. Since last summer, tha ha all changed, and now NEXT fashion fits! Not that it is the bastion of haute cuture, by any means, but their garments fit a great many of the female population of these islands. Now, suddenly, i can fit into their toos. Daughter saw this one and had bought it for me. It came today and the legend us sonewhat fitting for the new me. Maybe not everyone’s taste, but I am partial to foiled legends or sequins. The LEO coming out in me.
Have a good weekend all, and thanks again to Gail.

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What May should look like!

What May should look like!

Evelyn’s Blog.

Where did the sunshine and warm weather go?

Last week in May, in UK, can be bizarre! All of us who live in these islands, know that our weather conditions can confound us. We have grown used to warm ( or very cold) winters and the same applies to our, laughingly called, summertime.

If you think about it, we have barely a month to go to the Summer Solstice, 21st June is the Longest Day for these islands. In effect, that means that from then on, the sun starts its journey back south, leaving these islands, and the more northerly climes in Scandinavia, to grow gradually colder.

The farmers here have to get their crops growing as soon as possible so that they have a chance of maturing and ripening. This does not always happen, at least, not well enough when bad conditions, due to poor, cool and wet weather, affects our climate during our brief summer growing period.

The same goes for gardeners, both commercial and private houseowners. I had intended to grow tomatoes this year, but sadly, I very much doubt it now. There has not been enough warmth to get them going, and if I had sown seeds, they would now be stunted as the temperature has dropped sustantially. Theb old saying ‘Ne’er caste a clout. ’til May is out’ is a good standard to go by. Save the seeds tor next year. I think that is the best idea. I have a few plants growing on that I bought as plugs, that is, if the snails have not come and eaten them all up. This is a strong possibility as already, two plantlets have gonei. I really must try to get out there tomorrow later on and check. They are semi-covered’ but not enough to stop a strong- minded snail from using them as lunch. I am hoping it is just one snail tha has wandered in from outside. I have not grown any plants for a couple of years or more. But, I know in my heart, that this is not so. If there is one, there are more.

So, no tomatoes, no courgettes either. I had bold plans earlier on in the year. Who was I kidding? I can only hope that what are left of the Impatiens plantlets give me a bit of a colourful show. They do not feed my body, as the tomatoes would have done, but they will feed my soul.

I have, in the past, had many beautiful boxes just outside my windowsill, filled with Impatiens, Petunias, Lobelia ( which I have pressed) and one time, some lovely Californian Poppies, very bright shiny yellowy orange. Hoverflies loved them. I did once try strawberries. One flush of fruit, and that was it. I gave up trying to grow strawberries after that. Peas, I tried too. OK, but not a real success.

And so, the holiday weekend is over, and still we are stuck in the murk. I see the wind is up too, so it will be on the chilly side. This being the Anniversary of the D Day Landings, I remember that the Forces were held back in 1944 due to bad weather and had to set oon June 6th instead if June 5th. So, it seems that bad weather around this time and in June, all those years ago, is not uncommon.Wednesday and things have not changed. In fact, it was so cool las night, I put the landing heater on and the one in my bedroom for a few hours. I remember on the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee, it rained and was cold most of the year into June. The poor soul looked cold standing out there on the barge for hours. So you see, there is a precident for bad wearher at this time of year.

All gloomy, I know. So, on that note, i will try to put some sunshine into this Blog by way of a picture, above, probably.

Have a good day and a lovely weekend with family and or friends.


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Evelyn’s Mini Blog

The picture here is of a dog called Kodi. She lived far away but I got to hear of her antics. She was well loved and her mistress was a good pal, even though we never actually met.

Had to search the archives. I knew I had the photograph, and a few more besides, but my Ipad was hiding it from me. Never mind, I have in an album now, ready to use at a single glance. And I do have permission to show it.

For the untrained, she is not a husky but a Malamute. I often heard her when I rang my friend. She had a good bark on her, did Kodi.
All the above leads into my main theory.

Not everone has a pet. Not everyone even likes pets. I m referring to the commonest pets i.e. Cats and Dogs.

In my lifetime I have had four dogs and ten cats Two cats nd two dogs at the sme time and late, just six cats all at once? Bit if a handful but well worth it.) Each j animal, as most owners who love their animals will attest, has its own personality and we, as pet owners, love each and every one. Even those that are a bit aloof, noisy, quiet or boisterous. The aloof part mostly refers to cats, I must admit.

There are those beings, of course, who absolutely abhor pets. I feel sorry for those people because I believe they are missing out on a good thing. Pets are calming, even when they drive us to distraction, as they can and often do.

I no longer have any animals. I am much too old and unhealthy to care for them any more. I believe that looking after six cats at a time, was quite enough. I have plenty of memories and none of the hassle of looking after them. Nor do I have to make that final decision!

I can ooh and aah at pictures of both dogs and cats that belong to other people, and it suffices. It has to.

So, enjoy those precious times people, as I am sure you will. They do not last forever.

Be good all,

Nelson. Deceased.



oh, her again, I hear you say.  Well, I apologise, if you are getting tired of my posts.  I am trying to learn this Blogging art.  I have tried to post something with the photograph.  Guess it is the only way I can do it today.

I hope everyone has a good weekend here in England, but the weather does not seem to have been good for the last couple of days.  Seems, we always get rough weather on Bank Holidays.  But then again, we British are used to this by now.

Just a short note here.

take it easy, everyone,


Nelson. Deceased.

Nelson.  Deceased.

Evelyn’s Blog. This may not be anything to do with my subject matter, but I like the stance and he was a lovely cat to cuddle.

What makes a person? Nature or nurture?

When I look back on my life, i see a normal woman, grown from babe to girl to adult. All the years that fashioned countries, people. All the modern developments that have changed and are still, changing the way we live, the way we communicate.

I was born just pre a world war. Munitions were the thing then. I have written about my childhood during those dark days. One day I will publish those memories in some form or another. For now, I have to wind my way through a time and see in my minds eye, the small changes that I lived through. The little things we often forget.

All had an impact on my life. I was lucky enough to travel, to Canada mainly. A friend emmigrated, so I was able to visit across a vast ocean, to stay in a wild land. O.K, not so wild in the City, but to an English Islander, it felt wide and wild, so different from my small life back home. Those memories too, will be published at some time. These were the 1960s.

So, does anyone see how the pieces of my particular jigsaw puzzle come together? You are what you are when born. Nothing can change that. But those little happenings, that you also have no control over, play a part in making you the person you are or have become. It makes sense, to me anyway, that all i have been through, good or bad, has built that me I see, as I am now.

The animals that once were a part of my life. The dog I grew up with, the cat that did not last very long. When they were gone, a hole was left. It was not until my daughter was eight years old did I finally have another dog to care for. After that, another dog or two and several cats. Each one was a a treasure, each one left yet another hole, only patched. Yet more pieces of the me, jigsaw.

Bringing up a daughter ( in my case) changed my views. A ‘what if’ scenario and my life would not be what it is today. Friends too, they play a large part in forming me, not firgeting family, of course.

I would not be me, if all or any of these tiny pieces, choices you might say, had not happened and made me what I am right now, at this moment. Mother, aunt, writer, sometime artist, lover of creatures, lover of theatre and books. In my opinion, nurture plays the larger part.

Take care, Evelyn. 16-5-14



O.K. Gonna see how this goes. Evening, the car park is not full, but the lights are on, the moon is in the sky and we are off towards Niagara.
Be good

Luscious Cherries.

Luscious Cherries.

A few years back I was able to pick sone of the cherries from my tree. Mostly, the birds get them as they are quite high up. This is a small bowl of the sweet beauties. I even have a smaller tree frim the same stock. This year I thought I was winning. Lots and lots of frothy white blossoms hung upon the lower boughs. There were berries uncountable, that ia until recent rains and strong winds forced ‘the drop’. So, instead of a glut, I am down to miserly rations, Boo Hoo.
Be good to each other.

Ranch House Style

Ranch House Style

I adored this house in Canada. My friend’s husband built it, finally adding a deck almost all the way around. Out front one could sit in the sun, as I once did sorting out Brussel Sprouts and tomatoes, or on the steps leading to the gravel, surrounded by trees of all colours.
More trees out back, some growing through the decking via specially cut holes during the laying of the deck. More shady, but one could also view the lake and the further shore from slightly different angles.
The house facing the lake, was glass almost from top to toe, including the basement so the views were panoramic. I could sit and watch small boats traversing the Sound, going up towards people’s homes and further still, The Islands, a group of islands, sone ine a yard square, so e very much larger and all sizes inbetween.
Certainly a place of contemplation. The early morning sun hitting the far shore, the moon sitting low in the sky, a bank of white cloud between it and the water. Here is where I have set my forthcoming novel.
Take care all

Houses of Parliament, London

Houses of Parliament, London

Taken on a trip down the River Thames, heading towards Greenwich.
Was a really hot day but became cooler as the boat made its way towards Greenwich. Something to do with the open space of water, probably. Never made this trip before s it was nice to see buildings from the river angle. Traiter’s Gate, going under Tower Bridge, The Tower Of London. HMS Belfast in the other side of the river and the wonderful theatre, The Globe ( have visited this historical reproduction and toured inside) . So many bridges to go under. Then all the new riverside three and four storey homes and finally, across the river, The Cutty Sark and in the distance, Greenwich. Did not disembark as I was doing the retum trip. The day became cooler as we headed back towards Westminster. But a lovely day, none the less.
Take care all,

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