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Third February Blog (26-2-18)

Third February Blog.

Photographic Notes.

Pictures of cats, all types, all ages,
Leaping off the proverbially pages.
Perhaps I should say the T.V. Screen,
A saver of sorts, there to be seen.
There are colours galore from red to grey,
To watch whilst eating finner of the day.
Teeny tiny kitties, quite young, come along
With crimped up ears and a mewling song.
Teenager kittens, spritely, quite fun,
Things to be doing, things they have done.
Sleepy kits now, their eyes half shut,
Needing to kip, – of games – had their glut.
Stately pussy cats, staring quite hard
At something unseen or out in the yard.
Stripey and spotty, plain colours too
Staring or sleeping, as cats often do.
These are the treasures I always enjoy,
A girl cat for you, or a cute little boy.
All of them pretty and furry to boot,
Cuddly, treasured – like Cap’n Flint’s loot.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2018.

I had intended to write a blog but I suddenly became much worse in health. Was sent to hospital where I was kept in for a few days, two of them on various drips. Then return to two out-patients appointments. I have another of these tomorrow.

My issues are somewhat less painful now, but not gone. I have further appointments, but not as soon perhaps, as the Consultant wanted. Such is life.

Snow has visited parts of England today, including the area I live in. The falls wer not a lot ( light flakes, mostly, and not for very long, but more than one fall). Somewhat late in our wintertime, I feel, and very cold ( for us). But when the snow had ceased falling, there has been beautiful sunshine making the area look like summer, but oh, so cold.

I am posting a quick gel pen sketch with this short blog that I did today. Goes with the poem, at the very least.

So will take my leave now and wish you all the best. And please take care out there in the world.


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Second February Blog.

Second February Blog. (14-2-18)


Such is the way the world turns,
And the way the winds blow strong,
The way we live our lives,
The way we journey along.
As youngsters, we think little of it,
How our life began, what did it mean?
Even into our twenties,
Or thirties, we still had our dreams.
But time is a changer of all things,
Hardly noticing time passing by,
We work or we play, as the world turns,
With little perception of why.
It is only as fifties and onwards
Creep up and go past with a flash,
We see that our lives have departed
And at seventies or eighties we crash.
If only we realised a bit sooner,
How life was a swift swirling flame,
How simple would be our decisions,
To change what we could, or the game.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2018.

My last blog spoke of men doing shopping. I wish to carry on a theme, somewhat. A Sunday visit to a coffee house. Upstairs, near a plate glass window, coffee beside me, watching the cars in the car park below.

It reminded me of an ant colony, busy, busy, busy. Cars coming in, cars going out. Cars shunting to and fro in the parking spaces. Straight lines, curvy shunts, all over the full shopping park.

In, out, backwards, forwards, and I got to thinking… did it all come to this? When did shopping on a Sunday….become ‘the norm’?

Back in the day, there was no Sunday Opening. People fought to have one day off a week to recouperate from hard work. Eventually it was granted, here and there at first, so that workers could go to Church, ostensibly. But of course, there was time left over to enjoy the family, play football etc.

A long time later. Newspaper shops were allowed to open for a short time on a Sunday morning to deliver papers. Then close.

I remember these times so well. I was a little girl and mum and dad used to take me for a walk. We passed various places down one road, one place that once was a bit of a farm, (they raised chickens/geese etc. after World War Two ended. I remember going in there to choose a bird for Christmas.) However, back to the walk which was about a two mile journey one way. Of course, we walked back again. Bit of exercise, not much traffic, a nice little outing.

Then (I have no clue as to the date)it seems in my mind, that shops started opening on Sunday, and it is like a Tsunami of shoppers now. O.K., on occasion, I can be one of them.

But it seems to me we, as a people, have lost something in the change. A certain silence, an amount of peacefulness. Our children have lost the wonder of seeing things they would not see in their everyday life, going to school, horses and so on.

Yes, some are taken out to MacDonalds or Burger King, but personally, I hardly think this is the same thing.

So picture a load of ants rushing to and fro, carrying leave, grass, whatever, hurrying back to the nest and out again, seemingly almost without purpose. Yet, I suppose there is purpose to their mad rushing to and fro.

It was just a thought.

Be safe out there.


First February Blog

First February Blog.

Strange how thoughts come to you in the most unexpected places!

I was sitting in my daughter’s car outside Tescos and, having nothing better to do, I began observing the customers going in and out of the building. It was a Sunday so, though not a heaving mass, many people were doing shopping.

Then it dawned on me, engaged my brain if you will, that there were a lot more men than women entering or leaving the store.. In my younger days, you rarely saw a man doing shopping. It was nearl all women, many accompanied by one or more children.

This was the norm. Men worked, women shopped, looked after house and children then knitted etc.

Not so any more.

I saw heaped trollys being pushed out of the store by…….men. Men on their own. Men without children or women. And I wondered just when this change took place? Stealthily or all at some crucial point! Personally, I think it has happened over a long space of time ( but I could be wrong).

These days you expect some men to be with children at the weekend, those that are apart from their wives or partners. And I suppose some of the guys may have gay partners. But there seemed to be so many men going in or coming out alone, that I guess, for one reason or another, some men are just ….. on their own. Which is a sad tale. Not just for men as a rule, but in this particular case.

So what I am getting at is a role reversal, or so it would seem. Perhaps it was a case of wrong place, wrong time? I just do not know. It sermed such a strange happenstance to me.

Take care iut in this big old world of ours.



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