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Not dead . . . just taking time out

Such a shame your helth prevents more writing at the monent Gail. Bless.. Evelyn.

Just Life - Jennie Orbell


No, I’m not dead . . . just taking time out to smell the roses, consider this and that, and generally make up my mind on my next steps.

I’m pretty sure that the ‘writing’ has reached an end. This is not down to my lack of interest in it or to the lack of ideas whizzing around in my head but more to the fact that my health issues won’t allow it. Any amount of excessive scrolling – as in editing etc – totally upsets my head and vision. This, to my detriment, I have learnt. Also, the medication that I’m taking in an attempt to keep these debilitating retinal migraines away leaves me brain-dead and I can sit for minutes . . . and minutes . . .  trying to figure out how to spell a certain word. Usually something massively complicated like, ‘more’ or ‘need.’


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Our Unimaginably Large Universe

WOW!!!! I always knew there were loads and loads, but this puts it into perspective.


A team of scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and its Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey have created a 3D map that plots 1.2 million galaxies. The end result can be seen below.

13731753_10157196573935472_6688169056246151410_n Daniel Eisenstein / SDSS-III Collaboration

This image contains 48,741 galaxies, about 3 percent of the total data — so each dot represents one whole galaxy, which in turn contains millions of stars (for point of reference, our Milky Way Galaxy alone has approximately 100 million stars).

Moreover, all this only covers about 1/20th of the sky, or about 650 cubic billion light years, which is just a quarter of the known universe, which in total is 6 billion light-years wide, 4.5 billion light-years high, and 500 million light-years thick. It is an unfathomable scale to comprehend, and very humbling to reflect upon.

Source: The Verge

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Third July Blog

Third July Blog


Here is the northern summer,
Yes, it is finally here.
A few days of glorious weather,
Though sometime, too hot, I fear.

We’ve waited and waited and waited,
Mid cold days and rain all through spring.
Patiently enduring the chilling,
Like Sunday church bells, for to ring.

So what do we say to the heatwave
That batters our islands just now.
We say that we like all the sunshine
But melt as we’re yoked to the plough.

Today it’s more cloudy than sunny,
Is this all the summer we get?
Make use of the short days of heatwave,
Plenty of time for more yet!

Copyright Eve.yn J. Steward. July, 2016.

Stress! Plenty of it this week. I guess we all deal with stress in different ways. Mine goes deep, but all it takes is a little spark to set me off. Not normally, just on these odd occasions that hit that spot. I expect you know what I mean? That hidden part of our psyche that explodes on rare occasions.

OK, some of us have shorter fuses than others. I like to think of myself as having a long fuse. However, my stress levels hvave been building for well over a year now, and today, all it took was someone saying the wrong thing.

The explosion does me no good whatsoever. It affects my health, and that ain’t good. I can get shaky, I can get angry. More so today, as one of my favourite and best and most difficult to ibtain paintingd had disappeared, possibly never to be found, for reasons I shall not go into. Suffice it to say that it is not where I left it. I am thruce dis-chuffed.

Then this evening,another painting was not to be found and I got really angry. However, the latter had, it appeared, been put behind something that hid it from view. No, I had not put it out of sight. The first painting, at least, I photographed, the latter, I have not had time to do so. Thus must be rectified. I am still upset at the first one’ disappearance. It was oil and cannot be repainted.

With fans going everwhere, you would think I could be cool? Nah! Sometimes, a little cooler, and sometimes a flush of heat invades my body. I guess that is the diabetes? I can blame that for lots of health problems. Not all, but lots!

Now I would be the first one to say “Let us have more summer! But please let it be the mild kind of summer that suits everyone, like say 25 Deg. C , warm, but not baking hot. OK, so that is my opinion, possibly not eveyone elses.

Of course, now I have said my piece, the cloud Will come back ( in fact, there was a tad of rain early this a.m.)
Ps. That was a few day
So, the summegr is back again today, Monday. There is. Somewyat of a breeze, which is good. Our fan downstirs has started clicking! Have no idea hy!

Enjoy your day, and keep safe.


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Second July Blog

Second July Blog

MOJO! Is there really such a commodity?

Hello everyone. Do you get that feeling that you cannot move forward, for some reason?

Does it ferl as though you are caught in quicksand? Your feet are stuck in the mud? You want to get ahead, but for some strange reason, you do not know why? Perhaps your forward momentum has disappeared? Flown the coup? Left you unable to think ahead, even? It seems also, as if you cannot go backward to retrace your steps to see what went wrong?

I have been in this place for a coupke of months.

Yes, sometimes there are reasons, reasons over which you have little control……so that even if you tried moving forwards, it would be to no avail. Your mind is stuck in a miasma. a slough of despond!

I have wanted to produce more paintings, write more blogs, but my particular glue affects my feet, brains, hands: every part of me. The membrane that holds my artistic ability is stuck utterly solid. O. K., so, if simeime ls is controlling your life,for whatever reason, then there is ore ious little you can do about it, u til that portion of your life cgnge, short term or long term, say illness, for exmple. Patience the, my friend, is certainly the virtue, it alwys ha bern. Not a thing you can do about it. Hopefully a situation that will change for the better!

So! If it is just something you cannot put you finger on, then, what is there to do about it? There ( in Shakespearian quotes) is the rub! (It is Shakespearian, isn’t it?). Oh well, perhaos the old brainbox is totally out of whack? If that be the case I have no idea, none whatsoever.

Lots will give clues as to how your MOJO can be revived, and I gues, in some cases, thes ideas may work. Quite often though, it appears, that that old adage again ‘patience is a virtue’! Once again, comes into play. Nothing for it but to stick it out, wait for some spark to kick-start, reamimate, rejuvenate that old Mojo into working for you again, in whichever way you need it.

Even poetry, something I can usually rely on, to get written pretty quickly, has passed on by. Moved somewhere else and left me behind. I know this WILL come back to me.

I will break free, rush ahead but……..two months now serms a long time. Two months where I have atruggled to produce a poem and a blog. Not the productivity I normally can find, sad to say.

Is it the temperature? Or is it that nothing much is happening in my world? Last evening, I mamaged to secure a piece of paper to my board, prior to starting a new painting. That was as far as I could go. The evening light is much too poor to work with colours. I had no design in mind. And worst of all, I had such a bad night the previous night that I had to go back to bed this morning to try to recoup some sleep, having had to get up very, very early.
I never have good nights any more, but I must have a certain amount of sleep to get through the day. So, an hour and a half later, I felt a bit perkier.

There has been some sunshine but, in late afternoon, it is that old adage of grey skies, shining at me ( rather than blue skies). For me, this is a part of how I feel. I have said it before. Grey clouds are really depressing.

Keep well, friends.



Oh, how I weep for a life of sorrow,
A cry in the mist, a love I have borrowed.
Calling the name of my dearest young fellow,
Sadly his life was taken.

I cry in the night remembering, sadly
The life that he lost, the sweet soul, badly
Lying face down. I love him madly,
Gone in the night, I was shaken.
Why he passed on I have no way of knowing,
Folly or accident? There is no way of showing.
The look in his eyes set my heart a’glowing.
As ftom my heart he was taken.
Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2016

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What’s Going On?

Yes, I think you do. He was funny though. Evelyn.

June Kearns


I love this photograph of Tony Hancock, finger in mouth, staring into space.  It’s Cartier Bresson; it’s magic.

On the wall behind my computer, it catches my eye about a hundred times a day and, more often than not, pretty much sums up how I’m feeling.

Whass going on, he seems to be saying – all  dishevelled, finger in mouth, tie askew, and hair sticking up.  What next? What am I doing?

Do you have to be over the hill, to remember who he was? I know he turned to drink and came to rather a sad end, but  – The Blood Donor! The Test Pilot, with Kenneth Williams! Just  magic!

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First July Blog

First July Blog.

What If?

So, the world turns,
And we have to turn with it
Or remain steeped in the past,
Losing ground,
Ever trying to catch up,
Never quite making
The grade.
But, here is a thought,
Suppose, just
Just for an instant
In real time,
Progress, as we see it,
Is not the great stride
We think it to be?
What if, what we have now
Is better than
What we may get
In the future?
Then the remainers
Will have
The last laugh.
The futurists may
Into oblivion,
Eradicated in an
Extreme world
Of undesirability!

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2016.
The JULY Journey.

First of July has brought wind and sun,
Third July, sunny, still a bit breezy,, but nice to see the sunshine.
Well, here we are people, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, we are starting the downward slope towards the dreaded winter.

With hardly a decent amount of summer sunshine to call our names, how will we get through if we have a severe winter? That, my friends, is the big question. I, for one, need warm weather. I am a LEO, I need a certain amount of warmth in the summer to keep me going through the long, dark days, with cloudy skies, striking winds, chill autumns.

I know I tend to go on a bit about the weather. But, I am English, and this i what we do. Especially when it does not go the way it ought. This is my second tough year, and I think I, nay we all, deserve some warm or dare I say it, hot, sunny days during the few precious months that we deign to call our summer.

Everything, tree, shrub, plant alike, has done its burgeoning. Is settled into the state of flowering, ripening fruit, corn, squashes, etc., so it does not need to ‘push’ ahead any more. In fact, I have already seen leaves skittering down from some of the early-leafed trees. A sure sign we are going towards the downhill slope, faster than we might like.

I have no young children ready to enjoy the mid-July/August to first week in September, school holidays. But, it has always amazed me that we send ‘our’ children into the holuday season in almost the eighth month of the year???

There must be a reason for this! I suppose, if it concerned me more ( remembering that when my child attended school, computers were not around, as they are now!) I would Google to seek the answer. >>>. Is it because it fits into some amorphous scheme, thought of in long bygone years? Times perhaps more suitable to places with better climes, like Rome, perhaps, France even? We were conquered by Normans, and Normandy is after all, where the weather is probably more inherently milder than in the British mainland. {I would appreciate an awnswer, if you have one). It is one of those curiosities that, for no other reason than sheer nosiness about trivia, that take up nano seconds of my day.

Have great holidays, or summers. Take very good care, wherever you are.


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