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Second November Blog.

Second November Blog.

Wintering Northerly.

In this land, closer to
The Arctic Circle than
Many realise, winter is
A dark and gloomy affair.
The clock beats down
As the days wear on,
Cold blasts attack
More northerly climes
Like the Moors and
Scotland, Highlands,
Lowlands, watery Islands.
Snow comes most winters
In northern parts, often
Staying for weeks. It is
Milder further south,
Still colder than spring
Or autumnal days.
Yet snow down south
Is now a rare visitor.
When it comes,
It is swift, sharp, icy.
Then fast melts, only tp
Disappear. Frosty mornings
Hang on dewdrop blades,
Shiny grass and sparkling
Webs decked with diamond
Beads, Nature’s patterns
Seen at such times.
Mid-winter brings dark days,
But a seasonal holiday
Blesses all with light
And joy, gifts for the
Rich of heart with
Graceful happiness.
Happy Season’s Tidings to All.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. November 2017.

November runs away fast and furious, heading into December, racing towards the Christmas Holiday Season. For some it is the birth of the Christian religion, for others it is a Thanksgiving for the bountiful summer gone, its produce safely gathered and stored.

For others joy, looking forward to seeing family and friends gathering in the spirit of the holiday season, laughter and happiness, gifts, and food special to the season in our northerly climes.

We might think of those alone, hoping that kind people will visit them during the Holiday, give them the feeling of worth. Then there are those who have nothing. Almost Victorian, these days. Think kindly of those too.

My year, my autumn, has been fraught but, for the time being, I look forward to being warm and comfortable this Season. And perhaps a better year in 2018.

Happy Seasons Greetings and Good Luck for the New Year thereafter.

Be safe out in this wide world.