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First April Blog

Those You Care For.

Take good care of your loved ones,
Keep them safe from all harm,
If it is in your power,
Make sure they are cosy and warm.

Feed them if they do hunger,
Show that you love them, and then,
Treat them with kindness, and tenderly
Respect them and hug them again.

They will not be with you forever,
Who knows what fortune bestowe?
The young or the old, what matter?
They may be all you have, or know.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2018


First April Blog.

( 20-4-18)

Since last summer many problems have beset my family and myself.

Major house changes, then fitting of new bathroom appliances. All terribly stressful. Not helped by leaks occurring after much of the work ( new piping attaching to very old piping- does not work) from September to mid December. Stressful does not even begin to cover it.

Age brings with it many health problems. As the years go by, many of us suffer ill health on a graduating scale. I am no different.

This was going to be a long tale but have decided no one wants to hear all my problems and ailments. I shall use what I wrote as a cathartic exercise. Clear the decks, so to speak. Suffice it to say that like in “Soylent Green” I quote ‘things are looking up.’

The stranger that is visiting us, the sunshine, is for now, bright, beautiful and hot. Oh, we are so pleased to see it, up here in northern latitudes. I have a vase full of various daffodils I bought two days ago. They are gorgeously yellow, reflecting the brightness of the day, so uplifting.

I have summer bulbs that need planting, stargazer lilies, liatris, ranunculas, iris and freesias ( my daughter’s favourite). I grew some freesias last year and they were wonderful, in scent, colour and durable as cut flowers ( 125 bulbs will be this years count). Hope the lilies do not have too strong pan aroma. Some lilies are really overpowering, in my opinion. So pinks, blues and myriad colours – sounds good to me.

I hope to do some pastel paintings, weather permitting. Last year I tried pencils and I like the medium, but all the time I have lost has put me in a state where i need pictures I can do more swiftly, and pencils are not that fast a medium. So like has to shift to make way for fast. Of course, pastels do need more preparation time. Must find a way to trim the figure.

Meantime, my blogging has slowed, almost to a halt. I must try to remedy this also. So much I want to do, so much has to be fitted in. Perhaps a little less Internet time? We shall see. Oh, not forgetting poetry. Phew!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, please be careful out in that world which can be full of things to catch you unawares.



America’s Most Successful Intelligence Agency You Never Heard Of

Worth passing this info on.



Compared to the likes of the NSA, CIA, and FBI, the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) is hardly a household name.

Of the 16 intelligence agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), it is the oldest civilian member (created in 1947), yet also smallest and least imposing: it has only 300 staff, lacks satellites and spies, and does not engage in espionage or counterintelligence. INR analysts are typically in their forties and fifties and highly educated (close to three quarters have advanced degrees, of which a quarter hold PhDs). It main duties are to provide diplomats with information and analysis to help facilitate U.S. foreign policy — in other words, the sort of eggheaded, academic stuff most Americans would dismiss as globalist fluff.

Yet the INR is perhaps the most effective and reputable intelligence agency in the country. It originated in the Second World…

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Silent Eye: Sixth Weekend Draws Nigh! – by Alienora

I do not have the willpower or spinal control any more, but this is always interesting, relaxing, a place away from the external world. Best wishes.

The Silent Eye

Reblogged from Alienora’s Anthology:

downloadSilent Eye: A Modern Mystery School has been an important part of my life since its birth way back in 2013; though, actually, the story starts even before then…

I first met Stephen Tanham and Sue Vincent (who, along with Stuart France, comprise the Silent Eye Directors) at Savio House, during either an SOLGathering of the Light weekend or a Ritual with Purpose one. We clicked. I enjoyed the company of both.

I was, therefore, intrigued and tempted when they set up the Silent Eye School of Consciousness – and was keen to be at the Opening.

Five very different ritual experiences later, I can safely say that this initial enthusiasm has never waned, and I am now getting very excited about the forthcoming, Jewel in theClaw, weekend.

The setting is beautiful: The Nightingale Centre in the little village of Great Hucklow

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