Eleventh March Blog


Eleventh March Blog 28-3-15

Rooster Booster.

Wakening in the early morn,
Rooster crows at crack of dawn.
His cockeral sound, a raucous noise
To wake the hens, his earthly joys.
But, … in the vicinity,
The farmer’s eyes blink sleepily.
He knows he has to rise each day
To check his herd of Charolais.
To milk the gentle Jersey cows,
Then with the tractor, off he plows.
In the fields, the furrows steady
To hold the seeds, when spring is ready.
He blesses time the rooster crows
As off around the farm he goes.
Joyful is the rooster’s cry,
Lifting voice up to the sky.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. march, 2015.

Starting off with a poem. I like to write poetry about different things, especially when the mood is there and flowing all around me. Today was a day spent in waiting. So it is good to write when time allows this evening ( Thursday 26th).

OK, it is now Sunday. Was called to get up. Watch said nearly 8 a.m. But my phone said nearly 9 a.m. as did the microwave. Stupidly I had forgotten that the clocks went forward this a.m.!!!!!!

So, another early morning when I did not expect it!

Northern Climes.

Now the hour has come at last,
Daylight later, what a blast!
Darker in the morning, Dudes,
Just for a while in these latitudes.
For soon, the dawn will early rise,
Near three a. m., in the morning skies.
And so the evening sun will set,
Eleven p.m., if it’s not too wet.
Happens in the middle of June,
Not wishing that time, any time soon.
For that will mean the summer half done,
I want to enjoy the springtime sun.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2015.

Short one today, folks. Have a great week.


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