First April Blog


First April Blog.

Limbo tree.

Have you climbed it? OK, not figuratively, but in that space where you are not in the present, want to be in the future where happenings have occurred and outcomes have happened, but not yet.

It is a feeling I hate. And yet, more often than not, I seem to be stuck in that particular tree. Not knowing how to climb down from it, and if I did manageg that overwhelming feat, then I would find a very hungry beast at the base, waiting to take a very large chunk out of me.

The problem is, I think, that having been forced up into those criss-crossed branches high up in that limbo tree, I feel that I am not in control of what is happening to me, and I do not like that. No, I do not think I am in the category of a control freak ( as they call it), more that I have mostly followed my own destiny, slowly, I grant you, but there had always been that element of others taking away contol of what I can do, where I can go. Now, at an un-holy age, and up to a point, I try to gain back some of that control but just lately, it feels as though it is two steps forward, three steps back and being kept in the land of Limbo. …. by others. Others, I might add, who think they have the upper hand, but frustrate the heck out of me.

I do manage to keep myself on tether, because these days, to blow one’s top is not an option. – Zero Tolerence is everywhere. – I seldom got in a temper when younger, but as I have aged, I have found that more things annoy me than used to do. Is it age? Is it that the times have changed, and not for the better? Or is it just that only my tolerence of stupidity, errors, idiots ( and there are plenty out there in the guise of clever human beings who actually think they are cleverer than the really are – lots out there dear people)? Who is to say?

We all have our opinions and the world is racing at breakneck speed. Too fast for people to pay heed to the little annoying items that put others up into the Limbo Tree. It is frustrating, time-consuming and bothersome to the enth degree. And these people, who cannot get things right ( lije the cancelkation letter I received at the weekend, cancelling, then hen I eventually git through by telephone ‘oh, only moved and not actually cancelled’ , then why not say that in the letter. Instead I got het up, heated, angry, frustrated, disappointed and diwnright upset. All because someone failed to add in the letter that the appointment had only been moved to a different place.

Totally avoidable! No one seems to care if others get trampled under foot. So, perhaps we might be safer aloft. But my point is, we do not have the choice any more, it appears at times.

I say no. Stop wasting my time. Put some effort into what you do. Consider a better work ethic, avoid idiocrasy ( if that isn’t a real word, then I have coined it), stupidity, idolness in not getting it right

Rant done fo today. Be happy, everyone.


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