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The picture here is of a dog called Kodi. She lived far away but I got to hear of her antics. She was well loved and her mistress was a good pal, even though we never actually met.

Had to search the archives. I knew I had the photograph, and a few more besides, but my Ipad was hiding it from me. Never mind, I have in an album now, ready to use at a single glance. And I do have permission to show it.

For the untrained, she is not a husky but a Malamute. I often heard her when I rang my friend. She had a good bark on her, did Kodi.
All the above leads into my main theory.

Not everone has a pet. Not everyone even likes pets. I m referring to the commonest pets i.e. Cats and Dogs.

In my lifetime I have had four dogs and ten cats Two cats nd two dogs at the sme time and late, just six cats all at once? Bit if a handful but well worth it.) Each j animal, as most owners who love their animals will attest, has its own personality and we, as pet owners, love each and every one. Even those that are a bit aloof, noisy, quiet or boisterous. The aloof part mostly refers to cats, I must admit.

There are those beings, of course, who absolutely abhor pets. I feel sorry for those people because I believe they are missing out on a good thing. Pets are calming, even when they drive us to distraction, as they can and often do.

I no longer have any animals. I am much too old and unhealthy to care for them any more. I believe that looking after six cats at a time, was quite enough. I have plenty of memories and none of the hassle of looking after them. Nor do I have to make that final decision!

I can ooh and aah at pictures of both dogs and cats that belong to other people, and it suffices. It has to.

So, enjoy those precious times people, as I am sure you will. They do not last forever.

Be good all,


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