What May should look like!

What May should look like!

Evelyn’s Blog.

Where did the sunshine and warm weather go?

Last week in May, in UK, can be bizarre! All of us who live in these islands, know that our weather conditions can confound us. We have grown used to warm ( or very cold) winters and the same applies to our, laughingly called, summertime.

If you think about it, we have barely a month to go to the Summer Solstice, 21st June is the Longest Day for these islands. In effect, that means that from then on, the sun starts its journey back south, leaving these islands, and the more northerly climes in Scandinavia, to grow gradually colder.

The farmers here have to get their crops growing as soon as possible so that they have a chance of maturing and ripening. This does not always happen, at least, not well enough when bad conditions, due to poor, cool and wet weather, affects our climate during our brief summer growing period.

The same goes for gardeners, both commercial and private houseowners. I had intended to grow tomatoes this year, but sadly, I very much doubt it now. There has not been enough warmth to get them going, and if I had sown seeds, they would now be stunted as the temperature has dropped sustantially. Theb old saying ‘Ne’er caste a clout. ’til May is out’ is a good standard to go by. Save the seeds tor next year. I think that is the best idea. I have a few plants growing on that I bought as plugs, that is, if the snails have not come and eaten them all up. This is a strong possibility as already, two plantlets have gonei. I really must try to get out there tomorrow later on and check. They are semi-covered’ but not enough to stop a strong- minded snail from using them as lunch. I am hoping it is just one snail tha has wandered in from outside. I have not grown any plants for a couple of years or more. But, I know in my heart, that this is not so. If there is one, there are more.

So, no tomatoes, no courgettes either. I had bold plans earlier on in the year. Who was I kidding? I can only hope that what are left of the Impatiens plantlets give me a bit of a colourful show. They do not feed my body, as the tomatoes would have done, but they will feed my soul.

I have, in the past, had many beautiful boxes just outside my windowsill, filled with Impatiens, Petunias, Lobelia ( which I have pressed) and one time, some lovely Californian Poppies, very bright shiny yellowy orange. Hoverflies loved them. I did once try strawberries. One flush of fruit, and that was it. I gave up trying to grow strawberries after that. Peas, I tried too. OK, but not a real success.

And so, the holiday weekend is over, and still we are stuck in the murk. I see the wind is up too, so it will be on the chilly side. This being the Anniversary of the D Day Landings, I remember that the Forces were held back in 1944 due to bad weather and had to set oon June 6th instead if June 5th. So, it seems that bad weather around this time and in June, all those years ago, is not uncommon.Wednesday and things have not changed. In fact, it was so cool las night, I put the landing heater on and the one in my bedroom for a few hours. I remember on the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee, it rained and was cold most of the year into June. The poor soul looked cold standing out there on the barge for hours. So you see, there is a precident for bad wearher at this time of year.

All gloomy, I know. So, on that note, i will try to put some sunshine into this Blog by way of a picture, above, probably.

Have a good day and a lovely weekend with family and or friends.


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