First October Blog



First October Blog ( 7-10-18 )

Yes, October is here. Weatherwise, it has been a  changeabe month, so far.  Warm days early on, yesterday it poured with much needed rain.  Becoming much cooler.  Today, the sun has risen in a cool sky, 7  Deg. C.  It  is, by  any means,  quite pleasant  out there.

A few more days of iffy weather.  Today Saturday 13th, we had clouds,  bit of rain, always the wind, of late and now sunshine.  I am sure that each day from now on, will be as changeable, hoping we still have a bit more sunshine ro set us up for the coming winter months.    

Not much left to do in the garden.  Plant a few more bulbs.  It will be lovly to see them in the spring, provided a squirrel does not ransack the pots, like last year.

Instead of the usual poem, a little seasonal writing.  Whilst the good moods are upon us.

            *     *     *      *       *       *      *


Just a piece of writing:—-

“”Ellen walked into the hospital entrance, lowering her umbrella and shaking it vigorously.  Droplets flew in a wide circle.  She hated being out in the rain.  The wet weather meant her arthritis played up such a lot.   She found walking very hard, plus, the pain in her wrists made keeping control of her umbrella, difficult to say the least.

The foyer doors swished open and a blast of heat hit her like a sledgehammer.  It felt like a warm summer day, and her joints thanked her for being there.

It was an important day for Ellen.  Today she would find out the results of her tests.  Tapping her cane, she started walking to the department she needed.

A hospital helper came over from the reception desk.  “Can I get you a wheelchair?”  he asked.

“I can manage, thank you,” replied Ellen.   ‘I’m not that old’, she said to herself, agrieved that someone thought her incapable.

“I just thought, with that cane, a wheelchair would save you  bit of strain.  I expect the rain is giving you gip.”  Ellen smiled, shook her head and moved on.  One day, she thought, one day but not yet!

The corridor gave off a kind of wet dog aroma.  People do keep pets, and most patients here seemed to have been caught in the downpour.  Eventually she turned into the clinic entrance.  The air smelt fresher here.

After seeing the receptionist, she found a seat near a window, watching the raindrops patter on the glass, running down like tiny rivers.  Eyes glued there, she passed the time until she was called in to see the doctor.

She did not realise that sleep had overtaken her.  She was running down the street.  Raindrops pattered down but the rain was light, the sun soon came out again and she was hardly wet at all. 

The traffic lights changed as she reached the curb  and bumped into someone just stepping onto the pavement, just off the crossing.


Looking up, Ellen found herself staring into deep pools of amber eyes.  He was tall, she liked tall men, and he was dressed cool.

“I’m sorry,” she blurted out.  “I was trying to catch the green light.”


His voice was like ganache, shiny, silken and rich, so enticing.  She demured, put a backwards step between them, breaking the spell.

Ellen’s hand flew to her mouth.  “I do really apologise.  The rain!  I was running.  Couldn’t see the lights change.  Had to s……”

“Stop suddenly?” he finished for her.

Colour glowed on her cheeks.  “Ye…  Yes!  She could hardly breathe.

“Are you OK.? You look a little flustered.  Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? Would you like some help?”

The redness increased.  Her hand abstractedly waved in front of her face.  It was not a very affective fan.

“The light is going green.  Take my arm and I’ll walk you across.

          *    *     *      *      *      *

So, that is it for now.

Hope you all enjoyed the piece.

Take care in this old world, and be safe.


6 thoughts on “First October Blog

  1. Thank you Joyce. I may carry on with it. We ‘ll see. So many thungs to get done.
    Hugs Evelyn. Ps sun is REALLY BRIGHT, I can hardl ser my Ipad. Hate to, nexr Sunday, this will be 3.40 p.m and not 2.40 pm like it us now. Does Spain follow the daylight sving tkmeZ.

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