First January Blog

First January Blog.

LATE! Yes, I am.
I do not do January and February well, and this year, I have had medical appointments to contend with. Not to mention cold days, very cold days (I do not do cold well either) and some very wet days. I do not like rainy days, not wintery rainy days at least.

I have been suffering, medically speaking, with various extra problems that put more pressure on me at a somewhat perverse time of year. Never the same two days running.
What has sparked my interest and kept me busy, were several ART Sites. Looking at many fabulous paintings by artists from all over, beginners, to professionals. The mediums range from oils, pastels, coloured pencils, inks, watercolours and so on. All types of art mediums, in fact.

The Coloured Pencil Group has awakened my interest in drawing with coloured pencils. I last used them myself about the beginning of the 21st century. Then, for various reasons, I stopped working with them. I think I was making cards from then in.

My, how things have changed in the intervening years? On the CP site there are so many really clever artists who post some brilliant works in coloured pencils. Pictures that look like photographs of dogs, horses, giraffes, cats, elephants, birds etc., not to mention all the different flowers, faces, children. I was quite astonished!

But what is more intriguing, are the different types of pencils people like, and the different paper. Pencils, niw they have chalky, gritty, oily textures. Me, Zi orefe the oily/cremy textured ones, of which I already quite a few from all those years back. But I suspect they may be losing their colour. Fading ( it is now called light-fastness). At least one of my drawings definitely faded. It was done with pale colours to start with. But when I looked it out, it seemed much pale in colour.

The way to sharpen a pencil has also changed. Long points, short chubby points! The kind of pencil sharpener. An electric one is apparently a no no! Then again, rubbers. Everyone seems to like different kinds. Same with paper. It is a veritable minefield, the amount of new knowledge needed to step into the coloured pencil art craft seems endless. Though, it has to be said,I am enjoying learning all this new information from various people kind enough to supply me with answers nd opinions.

One cannot just buy a set of pencils and some cartridge paper, as I once did. You could do rough sketches this way, but it would be unwise to attempt a proper drawing to last for some years without considering the type of pencil, paper, rubber, sharpener. Also, the kind of painting you want to achieve and how long you want it to last in the atmosphere if you are selling it or giving it away. These will be questions you have to ask yourself.
I am leaning towards Polychromos and Luminance pencils. I have a good set of pencils already but in the future, hope to expand on the above types, slowly. Choosing paper will be a harder task.

I hope this has been of some interest. I have posted one of my drawings from the late 1990s in pencil. Just a sketch.

Please be careful out there, people.


4 thoughts on “First January Blog

  1. I look forward to seeing some of your creations, Evelyn. I have a set of watercolour pencils somewhere! All my illustrations are computer/based now, for time reasons. Lovely post.

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles, Evelyn. The weather has not been kind, and this growing old lark is far worse in the winter months.
    Incidentally, I have long wanted to know how to use water colour pencils, and this year I want to experiment with ink. Someone on Landscape Artist of the year used ink and water to create some amazing artwork!

  3. Jenanota01, I have used a bit of ink work long, long ago, but not a lot. I did a piece for my ‘O’ level about 20 years back. A fallen broken log, in different coloured inks. Watercolour pencils (Aquarelle), I never got the hang of. Perhaps that is because my watercolour painting skills are less than average. Go for it!
    Thank you for your concern. I had an ulcer on my toe, so had three podiatry visits over a short period, plus finanlly, I got my epidural……at long last. I agree about this growing old. I AM old! Ha ha! Bless. Keep trying, take everything steady, slower. Works better in the long run.

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