Third May Blog

Third May Blog

Time’s Reverse Chariot.

Where is the land
My heart desires?
Where is the place of my youth?
The passing of time
Brings a quiet reflection,
A temperate peaceful booth
Where I may sit
And dream for a while
Of things that used to be,
Of solitude, state and tempestuousness
In the land that once was me.
Remembering childhood
Games that were played,
In a time that hung still in the air.
No war-like thoughts distressed my soul,
It was as if I could not care.
Reflecting now
Upon far off idays,
I shudder at all I could know.
I wish them gone,
The ugliest of tiines
As my mind sinks back to long ago.
And yet I remember
The loves of those days,
My father and mother of old,
My brother and dog,
And schooltime friends
Sunlit days that have now grown so cold.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2016

The Past, Differen From Today.

I am not the first, and I sure won’t be the last, to look back upon those days when we were new in the world, and the world and its ways were new to us.

But of course, times were different then. A famous quotation from the book “The Go-Betwen, “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there”. This is very true.

Just take even twenty years ago. No Internet, computers were basic green screen do-dads. I had already lost several members of my family and was about to lose a sibling and other members of my wider family.

But my past goes much further back than twenty years, way back. I was born just over a year before the outbreak of World War 2. Most people alive today will not remember those times. Even I do not remember a whole lot, being so young. Jyst snapshots really. (And that is another thing, cameras, and how different they are today). But I am digressing somewhat, unless someone comes from a modern wartorn country., they will know about bombs, gunshots, strife etc.

Not certsin, but i think people were made aware that a war, of sorts, was on the cards a little before war was declared, so perhsps people started to save canned and dried foods a little ( though I think they were sure that it was just rumours and that, after World War 1, rhere would not be another war). So, perhaps, saving goods did not happen so much at first, but it was not a whole length of time before foiod became short. Rationing was declared.

Food was pretty basic then here in the British Iskes ( being known as the UK came much later). No choice of meals like Indian, Chinese, Thai, even Italian, etc. How many people in work, in the UK today, have food shortage and rationing where everything ( including clothing) were purchased, not only with cash but with the handing over of the requisite amount of coupons)? If you did not have the coupons, you did not get your ration of butter, bacon ( if there was any), sugar, meat, etc.

Many foods came in on transport ships, which were iften bomberd, quite often. Their cargoes ending up, not on our plates, but on the ocean bed. No, they did not get flown in either. Aircraft were for war, not fior bringing bananas or sugar etc.

So you see, it was a ‘foreign country’ as far as today is concened. Totally different. So wonderful in the 1950s to be able to actually choose a piece of meat and not worry about coupons. I remember at school we were given a treat, courtesy of New Zealand. They sent boxed of apples to be distributed to schools, we each got an apple. Definitely a rare treat where previously, a shipload could be blown out of the water, now was able to sail to England with an apple crop, and not worry in case the ship sank and the crop lost.

Gradually things changed. There were other problems in the world that affected us, like Berlin, but not as much as WW2. By the time I got to go on my first holiday abroad, aeroplanes were taking passengers, and I went to Canada.. Some people startef to go on holiday abroad too. Life was better.

I do remember that at one point, where I was then working, a kind of computer. was brought in. A special little office within the office, was built to accommodate it and its user. It seemed like sonething magical to us who were using manual accountng methods at the time.

Then there were the Space Race oddities, wonderful events of their time. Moon walks and strange videos, ‘One small step for man etc.’, and we are still in the 1960s, fifty years in the past, oh what changes would oome!

The Internet has changed a lot of how we live our lives today. I am missing out quite a lot of the changes, changes that younget people today have no idea about.

Mind you, things go wrong, as I full well know. But, such is life!

Be careful out there in this big old world of ours. You never know whact will cone out of the woodwork and smack you in the backside!


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