Tenth March Blog.


Tenth March Blog. 26-3-15

Weird Avocado!

Do you, or are you able, to always buy or even pick, just-ripe avocados?

During the summer, I might splurge out on ‘ready-to-eat’ avocados. However, in the winter, IF these are available, then they going to be that much more expensive. So, what do we do? We buy those bullets that purport to be avocados.

They are green ( mostly) and like rocks, and totally inedible. So.o.o.o……how do you make them ripe enough to grace your dinner table? In the past, I have tried all kinds of ways, seldom succeeding to any great degree. Often I forget about them, only to find, some weeks later, a smelly, squidgy mess in some bag or other, totally useless for any cullinary purposes, or, they are still hard as bullets and of no use to anyone. There is nothing worse than a hard avocado! ( I quote!)

However, a method has been devised by my relative. It still means hiding it in a bag but…the bag is one of those that have a metallic sheen on the inside. Our particular one, I believe, is from Lidl, but no matter. It has to have a sealable top.

Place said avicado bullet into foiled bag. Place with it, a friend. More likely than not a semi-ripe banana. Close lip of bag. Roll bag around itself so that a lot of air is pushed out of bag. Properly seal top of bag. Leave in cool place for several days. Check after 3 days, keep checking every couple of days. Replace banana if it is too ripe. Placing new semi-ripe banana up against avocado, remembering to check avocado, just in case it may have ripened enough for you to eat. At this point, it is wise to check more often, certainly every day, lovingly squeeze top to see just how ripe, or otherwise, it may be.

When you deem the avocado is ripe enough fo your purposes, remove from foiled bag, discard the banana, or eat, if you prefer.

Now use avocado in whichever way you chose.

Everyone has their own method of ripening unripe avidados. This one is mine!

Short blog, have a good week everyone.


Is it Really a Pear?

How nice is a ripe avocado?
All green, and creamy within.
Blended as fine guacamole
Minus, of course, the green skin.
A great little mixer for salad,
A sub-tropical sheer delight,
If you’ve never tasted avocado,
Just try it for supper one night.
Of course, not everyone likes it.
That fact is often to be said.
But it has lots of good things within it,
You can have it with salmon and bread.
I am just happy to eat it
With salad cream, not mayonnaise,
By adding old tomato ketchup,
Prawns and some lettuce, ‘Salad Days’.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2015.

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