Eighth September Blog


Eighth September Blog.

Suddenly, out of the blue….. I got sick Monday morning. Very early Monday morning. And when I say sick, I mean very dizzy so I could hardly stand upright. I will not be gross, so suffice it to say that what goes down, sometimes comes up!. In this case, it seemed more than went down.

I was taken to hospital where the early prognosis was gastro enteritis. Though both my relative and I ate the same food and she was fine. I still felt somewhat dizzy two days later, though not as much. You do see a lot of doctors in these cases. Every one of them different. Tuesday afternoon I was visited by a further different doctor who plied me with questions about my 2 year Inner Ear problem. Oh ho, I thought. Maybe it is an ear problem rather than gastro enteritis?

Wednesday, I saw a lady doctor, again, one I had not seen before. She did lots of tests, turning my head from side to side. I am none the wiser, at present, but will be seeing her as an out-patient, though when that will be, I have no idea.

Be that as it may, I was sent home Wednesday evening. I had a bit of a tickly throat. Thursday, my throat became quite sore. So now, it has moved to my chest. Never a dull moment! I am drinking quite a lot of fluids, trying to push on through this.

Hope all you lovely peope are well.


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