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Tenth December Blog

Merry Christmas to All.

Merry Christmas to All.

Tenth December Blog

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like……?

Yes, that too. But I was thinking more about how much work is still to be done before the fateful day/s

More food shopping. More lists to make, regarding what food and drink to buy, where to purchase it all. Because, believe you me, the first supermarket/food shop you visit will not have certain items on your list. Either they do not sell/stock said item/s or they have sold out and so you will have to move on to the next shop/store what-have-you.

You have not bargained for this little hiccup. It is going to take up much more time and inconvenience, not to mention effort, when you can least afford to lose that extra time and effort at such a busy part of the year. So suddenly, the list doesn’t look as good as it did when you first thought about making it and being so organised.

Change of purchasing venue might mean the taste of what you needed the item for, will possibly be different. It may also be a different size/weight. Ultimately, you will either have to buy twice, or waste some, depending on which it is. Neither is a good option. But you have to make the choice, and make it fast because there are plenty of other last minute shoppers right behind you doing exactly the same thing. And, despite the stores and shops being inundated with food, wine, clothing, seasonal goodies all ready to be sold the week before Christmas, with so many people shopping last minute, changing their lists, stocks are bound to run out.

Will you get all you want, all you need, before others get there ahead of you? It is a true rat run, especially for the woman of the household. Most men tend to be tail-end Charlies. Christmas Eve, get something, anything:- does not matter what, so long as it look like a gift. Am I being old-fashioned here? Have the male species changed that much since I grew older? Maybe the younger men? Do tell me If I am totally wrong.

So, my theory is, get out, get in the store/shop as early as possible. Make a solid list that you have checked out beforehand ( not a lot of time left for that, but, be that as it may) do as much a you can. The earlier the better, even if that be 6 a.m., Christmas Eve, get in there and pick what you need, ( and if that means you get very tired, so be it), you will be pleased to have done everything in proper order, and have a good rest when others are in the twenty deep queue at every till.

Be jolly, be happy ( not miserable and worn out because you left everything until the last minute), get into the Christmas Spirit – ilet the others get het up, angry and disappointed. You will remain serene, calm, sipping a glass of your favourite tipple, laughing at how well you have done, enjoying greeting your early guests, or having more time to get ready to go out somewhere nice with no hassle.

An adendum. – nComing home from a little bit of shopping, with lots of traffic, daughter said ‘look, two Santas!’ As we passed by them we could see they were lady Santas. How cute! Daughter complained she wished she had her camera with her. But as she was driving at that point………! I will leave you to ponder the predicament we would have been in. And just then ‘Santa Baby’ started on the music of Bouble ( sorry, don’t know how to spell his name, but he sings a good Christmas song.)

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, as the song goes ( yea for Bouble).