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Fifth October Blog


Fifth October Blog. 10-10-14

Winter Warmers.

Poem. :-

It begins with white,
A flower that shows
The bees where there’s nectar,
With pollen in the middle.

Then tiny green buds
Turn into round fruit
And grow when the sun shines,
Then watered with nettle.

They grow very fast,
And when grown,
They turn yellow,
Or orangey red, in fine fettle.

Then juicy and ripe,
They are picked
And prepared
and put into the ‘kettle’ .

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2014

Winter Warmers.

Well, we are having a taste of REAL autumnal weather today. It has been windy all week, but the sun has shone enough to counter balance the slight rawness in the air. Oh, it is not really cold, not really, not yet. These Isles don’t work that way. But Nature is putting out fingers to test us and to let us know she is sending the colder stuff to us in due course.

There was also rain and some thunder in my area. Thunder is not so normal at this time of year. But then again, what is normal, weatherwise, these days? Some heating is on upstairs and the gas fire has been burning downstairs for some days now. Have to start putting extra by as the costs have soared in the last to or three years. I know costs go up, but for those on a fixed income, how do people find extra to compensate? I think too much profit is being made that goes to those who do absolutely nothing by way of work to earn it, but buy shares! What is that all about? I do not understand it too well, and I am not stupid. Just technically challenged.

How are your personal projects going, dear people? Mine have slowed to an absolute crawl, apart from poems. Writing a few of those. I write about all kinds of things in poems. Not precious about poetry. Some people are. For some, poetry has to be dour/meaningful/desultry even. I wrote a poem about cheeses yesterday. Saw someone on t.v. selling cheeses for Christmas and it got me to thinking of all the different cheeses made in these islands of mine. Of ours! I did not/could not name them all, there are so many varieties. But some poets would never do a poem such as that.

I try to go with the flow, as they say. Write what ines enter my head at the time the ideas pop up. Does not matter what the subject matter is. The same with my short stories. I think it is because when I attended all my Creative Writing Courses over here, back in the day, the well tried method appeared to be, get your students to write pieces on any topic for the following week. Set a title perhaps, or a genre and see what they come up with. You would be surprised how many different genres or stories can be elicited from the same few words.

The students only had a short time to read their piece out so that the other students heard what they created, so it could not be long – up to 2,000 words, or less, if possible. So we kind of all became trained in thinking on our feet, making up something from relatively nothing. One lady wtote a poem every week, same subject/s we all had, but in rhyme. Clever! She almost became stuck, on the odd occasion, but still managed to pull something out of the proverbial hat.

For those of you who have never taken Creative Writing classes and are thinking along those lines, give it a try. I learnt a good deal. With good tutors, I personally think it a worthwhile and beneficial course of action. It surely cannot do harm. You meet other students, broaden your horizons, see what others are doing but most of all, have good info from paid tutors who should know about the wriiting game.

11/10/14. As an end, it has not been a good day. Had my eyes tested. I was ten minutes before the appointment time but did not get seen until 25 mins after my appointment time. I feel that I was deliberately kept waiting. I was also lied to more than once. I won’t go into the further details but my point is……why make an appointment time if they are not going to keep to that time? Then they took so long that my ride was totally annoyed with me for keeping her waiting for an hour and forty minutes. I was annoyed too because technically, it was not my fault.

So the rest of the day has been spent in anger. Hers especially but mine too. Plus, the only frames I could get because of my sight problems, I was not happy with ( they are making them all too narrow and I would not be able to see as well) then was told the lenses may not fit the frames. So, after getting home and having a cup of coffee to try to heal the breach, I get in touch with opticians to say that I had changed my mind about the frames, only to find that the order had already been placed!!! So, lie, lie and even more lies !!!!!

What is this world coming to? (Apologies for the mini rant but, there is always something to rant about these days. Am I really getting old ?)

Have a good day my friends,