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Eighth October Blog

It's A Robin, Is it  a robin?

It’s A Robin, Is it a robin?

Eighth October Blog. 22-10-14

Christmas IS Comin’.

I cannot evade it any longer. The dreaded Christmas is getting closer, and closer, and closer. Certain Shopping Channels on t.v. have been bombarding us for days, and at odd times for months previously, with Early Christmas days where you can buy all manner of tantalising Christmas goodies, just for you to spend your hard-earned dosh! Great to watch, but one must always be aware that self control must be at its utmost strength at these times. It is not helped by the background music playing a choral group singing a lovely Christmas modern carol ( it was in the film “Home Alone” towards the end of the film – if anyone knows the name of it, I would be very grateful to learn it).

This morning my daughter popped into a store and bought a jumper with a very fat robin on the front. Not only that, it has a stand-out red bobble on the hat and a few sequins. Sequins, always a good thing in my book. Unfortunately, once she saw this jumper in her size, she looked no further. So, if they have one similar, I shall have to wait for another week, though there are none, not even hers, on the web site. I bought a lightweight Christmas robin top last year but not sure exactly where I put it! ( Said previous jumpers are thicker, more wintery. ) Anyone else out there like me? I am not well organised in these matters. Much better organised, I think, with writing and artwork. Well, more like organised chaos, maybe.

So, after having been through a great many Christmases, I am more like Scrooge now. Bah! Humbug! It is all the buying, the presents. People expecting more, and getting less than they expected. I have no young children or any children around me now, not for a long time, in fact. Christmas is for children, sorry, but it is. They are where the magic lies. Their wonder, their excitement. When you get to my age, the continual shopping, the cost to pocket and body are almost not worth the effort. Yes, for lots of you, it will be a religeous ritual that you enjoy. I hope it gives you Blessings. I am sure it will. For many others though, it has become more classed as secular. The old ways have been ousted by the Pound signs/Dollar signs etc. Hear the chinking of the tills as money changes hands at a faster rate than at any other time during the year.

Not really Scrooge, but it is so nice to shut the front door Christmas Eve, have a glass of plonk or whatever your tipple may be, and tell yourself ‘no more spendng’!

Of course, there are those who max out after the day, on ‘SALES’. Not really me, unless a large piece of kitchenware or some such desparately needed item for the home needs replacement, then of course, you check them out to get what you need at the lowest prices. Sily not to! Money does not go far these days. But with some families, going out on Boxing Day morning to browse the shops, is not my style at all. And think of the sales staff who have to give up this annual holiday to go into work. Did it for one job. Hated every second, ( mind you, I hated working in a shop, full stop! )

Have also had Christmases where we have been ill. Tried getting a doctor over extended Christmas holidays? However ill we were, mattered not. Get over it or wait out the time period. Been there, done that and the T shirt was not worth having. It might be different now what with our 111 system.

There has been a Christmas morning when, unbeknown to me, the oven packed in whilst I was trying to cook a free range Norfolk Bronze turkey. Because it was not discovered for about two hours ( not that we could have done anything about it) it was discarded as possibly a health hazard. Norfolk Bronze turkeys are pretty expensive. It was just after New Year before we could get a man out to fix it. Ruined the whole season.

Many things of this ilk have made me think differently about Christmas holidays lately. But when I lived at home ( the place where I was born), we tried to enjoy things. The best times were when I was younger, when war was over and rationing too. Then my parents house was the Christmas Mecca.

Lots of family descended on our house. Gran and grandad came. It was also great because aunts and uncles and lots of cousins came around. There was dancing, singing, card games, dad and uncle drinking lots of beer. I might tell that another time. Suffice it to say that we now enjoy watching programmes about Christmas well beforehand, especially the food programmes, even the dishes and items I can no longer eat.

As always, your views may differ. Such is life!
Have a great day, lovely people.