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Tenth October Blog

Autumn into Winter

Autumn into Winter

Tenth October Blog. – Monday 27th October.

Time to get one more in before the world turns and October spins away taking most of the autumn with it. I tend to think of November as the start of winter, depending on the weather, but often the chills begin with winds and rain. I find that when I watch the old soldiers at the Cenotaph War Memorial in London around the 11th of the month, more often than not, the old guys are dressed up against the cold and the wet, invariably.

I dread the cold weather as I feel the cold, intensely. Even before the temperatures drop seasonably, right now I feel chilly. Perhaps that is due to the fact that I am a LEO. Big cats like the sun and warmth. I do not like it above say, 26 Deg. C, so, not going mad here, I am English so I am used to lower temperatures.

Of course, not all autumns and winters are the same. I personally have known heavy snowfalls in November. Conversely, I have, on occasion, known summer temperatures in the beginning of March. It often depends on the Jet Stream. Whether it stays above the British Isles ( above does not mean up in the sky above our heads, but north, further north than Scotland ), or drops down to fly across the skys further south, say London or even the British Channel at the South coast. Temperatures also can change if winds bring weather to us from The Continent. Very hot often, in the summer but can be icy winds and freezing cold in the winter.

I rang a friend today who has read the headlines predicting a bad winter. I asked her, did she know what affected our weather and, what proof did the newpaper have to back up their statement? But, she had only read the headlines. I mean, they surely must have some prior knowledge to make such a statement, knowing that, if wrong, they can be hauled over the coals by the British public if proved to be wrong. Some people DO keep a check on such statements by way of a hobby.
So, before I go shopping for snow shoes, ski boots, and extra parkas, I want a reasonable proof of “the shape of things to come”!

Until such times, I am basking in the ambient temperatures that have descended on my part of our islands. Yes, a slight chilly breeze, but ” cor blimey, govenor! “, it is slmost the end of October. What do you expect?

My latest and pertinent Octiber poem:-

Wherefore Willow. 27-10-14

Waving green fronds are turning yellow.
Umbrella branches of the Weeping Willow
Swaying and fluttering in crisp Fall zephyrs,
Mightly stand forth like stoic Cemtaurs.
Thin greeny leaves unchain their fetters.
Whirling down like a cloud of letters.
Where the wind will take them willingly,
Into the sky, all blue and heavenly.
Only to flip in the wayward breezes,
Dipping, diving, like winter sneezes.
Returning thus, to join the throng
Of browny leaves that scud along.
Crinkling, cracking on the ground,
Dancing gaily, round and round.
Beneath the hedgerow, hiding, waiting,
Mice and hedgehogs, agitating
For their blankets, Nature given,
Before the wind, so gracefully driven.
Creatures stuff them into nests,
To keep out winter, in crinkly vests.
And when the willow sheds its gown,
Skeletal branches, seen dark brown.
Weathering harsh winter storms,
Without greenery, all forlorn.
No more leaves, the testing time
Will see its branches burst sublime
As new spring shoots merrily gladden
Each heart that sees the winter sadden.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2014

Not a long post and I could be accused of waffling, well, I am waffling. Been a nothing week really, apart from the house lights blowing, frightening the life out of me, and of course, biggest thing this time of year, the clocks went back on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Always a pleasure to lose an hour of afternoon/evening daylight. Brings home the fact that winter is almost here.

And on that small fact, I will end this last October blog.

Have a great Halloween, all those who celebrate. Not for any evil intent, but for a giggle for the kids and nice chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, apple dunking and like-minded pursuits.

And, as always, be good to others, be great to yourselves.


Autumn Already…

First September Blog
AUTUMN, Already’.photo (1)
My, isn’t the year drawing in quckly now!  It seems to me that, once August had passed this year, in fact, BEFORE August had passed, the weather in my area  had gone chill, damp, (well, a bit more than just damp, very wet from time to time – this time last year, the weather was in the middle of a tremendous heatwave, so hot, I went aound in the house in my undies!!! – not the prettiest of sights, believe me).  This year, I am not only wearing triple layers of tops, but, since last night, have had some heating on in the living room, because sitting without any, I am already growing icicles all over!!!
. The Jet Stream, instead of wafting somewhere across  Sweden, is surging across the South of England, heading for The Continent.  Unprecedented, to say the least.  It has been said that we are on the tail-end of a hurricane or something similar, coming across the Atlantic and taking our normally not bad summer and chasing the sun and warmth away.       But, people,  is it only me?  Does anyone else feel this way about abnormal weather conditions?
I apologise to those who do not give a hoot about the weather, anywhere, good, bad or indifferent.  But for me, it has always been a) of interest to me, and b) affected by it, in every way.
I often write poems that are based upon seasons, temperatures, the way weather affects the world, my country, the birds, creatures, insects and plants that share the  world about us.
To illustrate -:   A Poem –
Rain drops dripping
Days and days,
Beyond my window,
Green surveys.
Faster than the
Lightning bugs,
Trees and bushes,
Winter shrugs.
All the emerald
Shades abound,
From pale to dark,
It’s all around.
And when the sun
Begins to break,
Golden hues,
On green leaves, make.
Covering branches,
Blotting out
The precious brightness,
All about.
Soon the clippers
In my maw
Will strip the green
Things from my door.
So I can see
The garden gay,
And watch the sunlight
All the day
Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward, April, 2014
And to illustrate, yet again,
The Solstice points the midway mark,
We joyously sing, like a summer skylark.
We pray the days will endless be
And the sun to shine for eternity.
But over the top of Solstice high,
A few days on, a change in the sky.
Its blue has a different coloured note,
Not cornflower bright, but a greeny throat.
“It’s autumnal already,’ my daughter cries,
‘You know I can tell it from the skies.’
And sure enough, A greeny hue
Bedecks a sunlit sky of blue.
The heat remains, it comforts me
That autumn days have yet to be.
A shortning of the daylight hours,
The disppearing of brilliant flowers
As if to say, well, soon enough,
The wind and rain, a chilly bluff.
All this time, we hold most dear,
When spring is past and summer’s near.
At least that’s how I do behold
A summer day, a dawn of gold.
But as the seasons gently merge,
I fear the coming winter splurge.
The icy tendils, a winter storm,
The frozen patterns in windows, form.
I love the warmth, it cossets me,
Dispelling summer, it has to be.
For living in this temperate clime,
I wish it were summer all the time.
Copyright  Evelyn Steward. July 2014 .
You see, I am moved by seasonal changes.  I like to put part of the outside world into my books and stories, no matter where they are set.  The title of my WIP, “THOSE TANGERINE HILLS”, is a depiction of the area where the novel is mainly set.  It is a real place, though names of the local Towns have been changed.  But the sight of the hillside across the lake in October, on certain days, is one to behold, though you have to be up at sunrise to see it.
You see, the trees on the hill across the lake at that  time of year (when I was there) change to the most gorgeous autumnal colours.  All shades of red, yellow, gold, orange, brown are predominant (deciduous trees) but they intermix with the various greens of the conifers.  When the sun rose behind the house where I was staying, it tipped the very top of the hills opposite, lighting the trees.  As the sun rose higher this side of the lake, the bright sunlight moved down the opposite hillside, making the colours blend into one harmonious shade.
Often, the colours merge and show orange, but sometimes, that colour becomes, not orange but a more delicate shade of tangerine.  As the sun rises further up the sky on this side of the lake, and touches the hills lower down on the opposite side of the lake, the colour heightens.  But when the sun is high enough and its rays reach the water’s  edge, the brightness fades and the colours seem to separate into individual leaf colours.   The hills take on a kind of ordinary look, even though there is a beautiful lake at their foot, houses and a roadway.
One of my Creative Writing  tutors said that we should use colour as much as we could to illustrate what you were trying to say in your book.  She also advised that we describe sound, hearing, taste and so on through the senses.  I have tried to remember that tutor’s advice, hopefully.  I see the surtoundings in the colours I want them to be and try to show that to my readers.  Same with sound, explain how things sound, the birds, a train, a car revving etc., you get the picture.  Again, taste can express so many feelings that the reader can pick up on.
If you do not see things this way, why not try it.  Eggs and bacon say.
“”Jack picked up  two brown-shelled eggs from the basket.  The frying pan was heating on the stove, crackling where the oil began to warm.  He had recently changed to coconut oil and this was beginning to spit under the high heat where the pink slices of bacon sizzled.  Next he cut chestnut mushrooms into thick slices, adding a few baby tomatoes to add colour with their juicy ripe redness standing out amongst the black-gilled mushroom slices.
Cracking the first egg, its viscous content slipping easily into the hot oil, his mouth began to salivate.   Immediately, the white albumen solidified around the deep yellow yolk of these free range beauties.   It was followed by egg number two.  So inviting, so tasty, Jack moistened his lips as he watched the yolks cloud over as he flipped oil over them. These were joined by a slice of thick white bread.  Normally, he did not eat white bread now, having changed, to wholemeal for his health.  (He smiled at his thoughts.  No one could say this was a healthy diet, but it was only a one-time thing.  A slice of white bread, fried golden brown on both sides, just added to the ambience of the meal, his secret treat.)””
Do you all see where I am going with this.  It can apply to all things.  “”Smoke coursing up a tall chimney, belching out of the chimneypot like black treacle.””  This statement gives you movement, colour, viscosity in one short sentence.
So, this is my point for today.  Some books, it is true, often had little description and were lauded for it.  But personally, i feel those are not easily understood or wanted for light reading.  Only my opinion.
Be good to yourselves and others, dear people.