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Ninth October Blog

My interpretation of Elsa.

My interpretation of Elsa.

Ninth October Blog. – 22-10-14

A Strange Journey.

Sometimes a journey starts with few small steps. Not those ones they always talk about, with feet, but those small steps in your mind, the ones that lead to the others. It can be thinking about holidays/vacations/trips! You want to plan ahead, get things straight in your mind. Where to go? How long for? When? Seemingly easy questions to answer.

Dscuss it with the family, or if you are alone, then it may be a decision that is decided by what spots are available in the office rota. In smaller Companies there may be less people that have to be worked in, but on the other hand, there may be more work coming in so, holidays just when you want, may not be feasible.

Horses for courses, yet again. There may be a financial problem, so you may have to choose something cheaper than perhaps you would like. A caravan say, instead of a hotel. Camping instead of a caravan. Do you see where i am headed here? It all comes down to what you settle for.

I no longer go on holiday. I have had my time. Been over to Ontario, Canada five times. Three trips back in the 1960s and two in the 1990s. Every single trip had wonderful memories for me. I flew to other countries inbetween, but In Canada I got good rates flying and with a friend to stay with, it was not so expensive. I might go into those on another future blog.

For now, I am speaking in general terms and availability to those around in England, and I suppose it affects other Western Countries too, here and now. And even if you can afford the holiday you want, it just depends on the kind of person you are, what interests you. Back in the day, the majority of ordinary English people flocked to the seaside for a day, a week. Walking on the sands, sitting in deckchairs, paddling in the waves, eating fish and chips, cockles and whelks in the south east, something different in other quarters of the country. People had few expectations then, unlike these days. A walk along the Prom. ( Promenade ) , simple pleasures for simpler times, I guess.

There was a time, of course, when only the rich or upper classes had holidays. I think that all changed after the First World War, or was the start of the change. Again, do not hold me to it, it is only my opinion. But there were more opportunities in the Twenties and after the Depression, the Thirties. The Depression hit hard in the United States but I know times were also hard here, remembering what dad and mum used to tell me of those times.

Anyway, we have television. We can go anywhere in the world, provided we do not leave the comfort of our armchairs/sofas etc. . even Space is not beyond our imaginings when programmes take us into the Space Station, far above our heads. Mongolia, The Sands of Egypt, Peru, West Indies, China, one could euloguise forever over where to spend our armchair vacation. So again, it all boils down to ….where are we going for our holidays? Another trip to Beijing? Malta? The Rockies? Nah! We’ll just go and stay with Aunt Florrie, she lives down in Brighton or Grimsby or ………… Sussex or …….the list goes on.

Some may take writing holidays, painting vacations or weekends where murders occur. Not real ones but play acting. You may want to take a cookery course for a week or learn dancing or, tell you what, a cruise, just the two of us, The Med., Norwegian Fjiords or hiking, or sailing. Each to his/her/their own. I am too old to climb Macchu Picchu, a cruise -I cannot swim. Writing holiday sounds good to me but I am also too old for that. So t.v. holidays for me from now on.

Take good care of each other,