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First October Blog. – 1/10/14

Sailing towards years end

First October Blog. -1-10-1.4

Hello dear readers,

My, my, October already! Where has the year flown to?

Well, in my case, I DO know where it has gone. To hospitals, GP surgeries and the like, for my family as well as myself. Seems we were never away from them in the past twelve months. O.k., the pressure is slightly decreasing now, but not by a lot, ha!

Enough of that. Do you garner new contacts much on this good old Internet? I seem to be contacting more and more, all authors, of course because that is my thing – writing. Be it stories, novels, poetry or just gabbing, as I am here and now.

I have been in contact lately with a lot of lady writers in my own country. Good old England, but a few hail from the U.S.. However, one or two of those are also from the old country, or at least, our Islands. Strange that. Thousands of miles across an ocean to be greeted by familiar lingo. Just shows how small this ball of dirt has become.

Do you actually think about the Earth. I mean, do you watch these very inciteful items say, on programmes about how the world began ( or should I say, how it is thought that the world began)? Fascinating! Suppose (like Homer) that just one thing went differently, would it all be changed? The old treading on a bug theory, that would make a total difference to what everything is now. Would we be something totally different? Would we, indeed, be here at all? If what they say IS true, that a catastrophy engulfed the Earth and killed off the dinosaurs, would we now be intelligent rodents scurrying away from the latest dinosaur breed to rule the Earth?

It is a thought, ladies and gents. Something to pass the time on the train, the plane ( not the car – that might be dangeous), indeed, something to think about in the lonely hours of the night when you cannot get to sleep, or get back to sleep, rocking the baby, or other such times where the mind needs to focus on something totally bizarre.

Suppose, just for a second, that the shrew, they say Man originated from, had stayed a shrew. Don’t bear thinking about does it?

OK you Star Trek fans out there, there was an episode in one of the series where dinosaurs did become human-like creatures but still dinosoric just the same (my word). If we also developed space flight, would we then be the space monsters if we travelled to another world (should our technology then get us all the across space to a Galaxy where conditions were right to produce air-breathing creatures), then would we be rulers of another world or castigated on the landng grid?

Some would say it’s strange how everything here has worked out. I kind of lean towards The Origin of the Species. And I know that lots out there have a different view. Each to their own. There are merits for both ways of thinking.

Suffice it to say that, woulda, coulda, shoulda has not happened. We are today, what we are and there ain’t nothin’ we can do but accept the status quo. That is why I like SCIFI, things can be whatever you want them to be, never mind what they might have been. We’re here now and unless some catastrophy occurs, we are going to stay.

Something to think about, something to ponder over and worry our little heads into insanity.

Be good to each other dear people, and to yourselves as well.