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Sixth September Blog…….

Discovering books.

There are a lot of indie authors putting their works on various media, Amazon, Goodreads, Create Space and so on. ( Not only Indies).

If you are like me, you belong to a few well chosen sites and some of these author’s names cross my path from time to time via these groups/ media and often just as advertisements on FB. Authors and their books that I would not come across in the normal run of Internet information are then brought to my attention.

This is a good thing if you are interested in what other people are writing, what other authors are selling, and so on. If the author takes my fancy, and their work is on .Amazon Kindle, then I will first take a look at the particular book mentioned, see if the premis grabs me.

It kind of depends if (a) .. the title ‘speaks’ to me, I look further. (b). .. i read the blurb and see if that grabs my attention. If all so far is calling to me, then (sorry, I only work from Amazon), I take a sample. From then on, at some point in time when my TBR list thins, or if I bump that particular book sample forward! I chebck the blurb. If it then reads well from the first few lines/page or two, and grabs my attention more, then I will read the full sample and give a review. On rare occasions, I will buy the book, but as costs prohibit most buying, i keep the sample until funds increase.

All this takes time, and my reading time is also sparce. I only really read in bed at night, and not for too long at that. But, I do try. This way I have come across many good books, in my humble opinion and to my taste, and put out reviews where I can. Not all of course, but more than not. I have found some very good stories this way and introduced myself to some interesting authors. It spreads the word, for one thing, widens my knowledge of what and who are out there and introduced me to side genres that I was hitherto, unaware of.

We are so used to basic genres, thriller, detective, romance, historical fiction, historical fact, fantasy, science fiction. I am sure I have missed a few out. These badic genres can be restrictive. There are so many offshoot paths for each and every genre, or so I have found out. Not all my cup of tea, not all I can write in, myself. However, it can set me on a path of future resolve, a destiny, if you will, to try genres other than those I already write in via short stories ( and I do delve into quite a few different genres in these short stories, because they do not have to be protracted, as in a full blown novel, which may be beyond my scope in some genres – detective and murder, for instance). Yes, I have written a couple of short stories a murder in London, (cannot remember my title at present) and a police detective short story called, oddly enough. ‘One Leg Short’! So, I think I would be overreaching myself if I tried to write a novel with either a murder or two and a detective.

I have written both a full novel, and a half (same series – unpublished as yet) in science fiction genre. Others too in this general area, just partly written in scifi/fantasy plus several shorts in this genre. I think this is one area I am not bad in. No one has checked these works so I may be fooling myself. It is just that I feel comfortable writing this sort of work. As I said, no one really has looked so I have no bar to aim for or maybe have reached.

Often, an offshoot pathway can lead a writer somewhere that writer never thought was in their scope! Who knows? A change of thought may be just the thing they need to kick-start them into a previously never discovered direction. Some writers become stuck, saying their muse has disappeared, when in actuality, it may just be that they have previously tackled a subject/genre that is not spreading their talent enough, and in so doing, hampers their ingenuity, their storytelling ability.

So, my dear readers, have a think about whether or not you could benefit by reading books by others not in the normal run of things. Spread out! Look around. Call it research, if you will, and, best of luck in the future.

Take care my friends,