A January Blog


Blood Moon.

Darker grows the moon,

A blood red rose entwined.

Deeper in its heart,

Strange within my mind.

A winter combination

To set your dreams adrift,

Following into nightmares,

 So swift, so dark, so swift!

Deeper is the moon,

Red is seeping through,

Soaking up the golden,

See what she can do.

The light she shines is dimming,

A tarnished silver thread,

The shaking of bare branches

As the light she sheds has sped.

Her journey round our planet

Takes you through a shadow grey,

But only for a moment,

When our dreams depart, for day.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. January, 2019.

A January Blog   24/28-1-19.

The month of January is whizzing away.  Christmas is a long gone memory and now we have had a touch of snow, here in the south, near London, UK, typical for the weather of the last few years where we have had much warmer temperatures than these islands used to have in winter, but we get cold sharp spells in January or February.  Bulbs send up shoots often in November rather than in early  February  ( like they used to do in the years of colder winters) , often to their detriment.

I can remember frosty Christmas Eves, when Dad, finished from his work, would take  me on a bus ride a few miles away.  It was a shopping trip to get the fruit and vegetables to last over the holidays.

The stretch of shops contained several greengrocers, eager for your cash, who would ply you with  quarters of oranges, to taste, in the bitterly cold mi.  A ploy indeed for you to buy from their shop front, rather than all the others.

I remember, we got on the bus to home loaded down with carrier bags chock full of oranges, apples, tangerines, sprouts, potatoes, plums etc.  We almost didn’t make it without a bag bursting sometimes.  Our hands felt numb from the weight and frozen from the cold, even wearing gloves.

How the temperatures have changed, certainly, in the south of England.  Is this a result of Global Warming?  I am not sure.  I think this globe has had changes throughout its life.  Admittedly, they have been over longer periods.  At one point, these islands were mostly covered in ice.  

In my opinion, we, human beings and more recently, our inventions, put together, of first steam trains, motor vehicles, factories using coal to power their engines and now powered electricity ALL play their part in filling the air with emissions that must affect weather conditions.  Not to mention erupting volcanoes, both on land and under the sea, tsunamis, hurricanes.

And then there were wars!  Lots of junk filling the air.  And of course, atomic weapons.  Then in later years,  the odd reactor breaking loose.  All  these events  must play a part in disrupting the winds, if nothing else.  This, in turn, causes all kinds of global changes.  It is, of course, only my opinion and you can totallly disregard it, call it bunkem.  Your choice.

 Would also like to mention that, at one time, we were noted for our rain.  Summer 2018, we had a whole two months of hot sunshine, which, I will point out, is quite unusual.   In times past, there have been the odd very long cold and snowy conditions.  But, yet again, they are in the past, and I partially quote ‘the past is a different country’!

Thank  you for reading my dabbles into this and that.  Do keep safe out in this ever changing world.


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