What an interesting blog! We all do it, dream, I mean. Some never remember, others only part of dreams and some we would rather forget. The ‘nightmares’ I means. All in all, a fascinating subject

The Silent Eye

Six a.m. on a Sunday… I groaned and turned off the alarm clock. I hadn’t been sleeping well, or enough, and did not want to obey the imperative summons… especially not on a day when, historically, most folks get to sleep later. As I clawed my way through the fleeing remnants of a dream in which I had been dreaming about dreaming, I wondered about the whole sleep thing. We are supposed to spend about a third of our lives in slumber. Is that a design flaw, a superb bit of physical engineering or a gift? Maybe it is all three, or perhaps that depends on where you are standing.

There has been a huge amount of research done on the need for and benefits of sleep, from both the physical and psychological perspectives. We have identified the stages of sleep, the way the mind solves problems and the body…

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3 thoughts on “Halflight…

  1. I always feel guilty when I read blogs about sleep because I, and a lot of my friends, know I am unashamedly owl like in my sleep habits. I’ve read all the bumph about the benefits of getting enough good quality sleep and yet I slip back every time….it’s hard to break the habits of a lifetime! 🦉

  2. Thank you fir your comnent Joyce. Dreaming us support to help the brain sort things out, do they say. Owl or skylark as long as you get the required sleep. I always think of the ‘fat cwl, thin cow’ dream. Did you ever see a program Terry Wogan did about sleep patterns? Hugs.. Evelyn

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