First August Blog. 7-8-18

F5D585F0-45C7-4F17-9B3D-2C171474A055First August Blog.  7-8-18

The Writer.

The writer regales us

With stories galore

They open our minds

And teach us much more.

So entertaining,

The novel, the play,

Poems or stories

Every day.

Tales about loving,

Books that are sad,

Stories to haunt us,

Horror so bad.

Space yarns, medical,

Historical prose,

How to make  clothing,

To cultivate a rose.

Lots more besides,

Travelling tales,

From Hindustan

To Italy or Wales.

So keep on writing,

We love you all so,

A world of adventure

Revealed as we go.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. August, 2018.

The Hot Weather Writing Blog.

 It has been some time since I wrote a blog concerning writing.  Everything else,it would seem, but not writing, i.e. novels, poems, short stories, articles or whatever writing comes to mind.

To be honest, I really have been lax in writing, apart from poetry.  I have had a lot of medical appointments, garden plants and their care, some pastel painting and, of course, normal everyday things that take up our time ( plus a fair amount of Internet).

And yes, I suppose I could cut down time on the Internet but then, often one needs something that is more entertaining.  I do watch a few films and t.v. series, (also time consuming).  But these can give inspiration for writing or painting.  I do learn quite a lot from other artists and from writers also.

One must also be in touch with one’s Muse.  She has been MIA, of late.  Dropped in now and again, reminding me of old pieces that lie dormant, then flies away to some other place unknown to meto fritter away her time, leaving me bereft.

I read posts from people who are on their 28th book, some are on book three etc.  and I think,  well, I should be doing some writing.  I want to get at least three novels up and running from my defunct computer, but that is a problem as the computer Company that had an outlet close by, closed it.  So, not sure about where to go, or what to do now!

I suppose blogging IS a kind of writing?  My blogs are not as elegant as some.  However, I still write about two a month.  Mostly I blog about almost anything other than writing.  You can never quite predict what I will blog about next time.  I hope they are worth a read occasionally.

Now, a small piece to say that I can write something, now and again.

“The desert dust whirled and whirled, spreading choking air across a wide sweep of land.  The animals turned their backs to the prevailing wind, hoping to keep the red dust out on their eyes, ears and mouth.

It was a regular dust storm.  This time of year the west wind whipped up fine silt layers every few days.  Some farmers had built shelters that would house a few hundred sheep, but they cost money.  A farm had to be cost effective to warrent such a shed for a few animals for only a relative short time every year.

Everything became covered in a fine red layer.  Houses, farm machinery, cars, livestock, anything.  Most houses  were surrounded by mesh screens.  They kept out marauding insects, and most of the ochre dust.  But some of  it filtered through into the kitchen and other rooms.

Food, more often than not, had a taint or taste of the dust.  You lived in the area, you understood and put up with it.  Strangers complained and were told by locals to ‘put up and shut up, 

or move away from the desert towns.”

Not much but just keeping my hand in.

I hope you all are taking care, out in the world.

I wish you Blessings.


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