First September Blog

First September Blog.

September Solace.

The year has turned,
And summer is departing,
A strange August weather
Has kept us on our toes,
Drizzles for days,
And chill breezes blowing,
Winds hardly abating
Through summer’s bleak times.
A touch of sun.

That left us by lunchtime,
Leaving black clouds
Scudding ‘cross the sky.
But right at the end,
The orb has returned,
Bringing the sunshine,
Making the days warmer,
How long it lasts,
Whoever can tell.
Two or three days of
Blissful warmth.

Then comes showers,
And a chilly day.
Approaches autumn,
Days growing cooler,
Daylight is shorter,
Nights drawing in,
Mornings will darken,
Flowers disappear,
From the trees, leaves will fall.

More wind and rain
To beat doors and windows,
Mud on the ground,
Puddles galore.
Frost in places,
Ice in the ditches,
Rarely the sun is seen any more.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. September, 2017.


Did I miss out on August blogging? My apololgies.

Been a busy month. Not drawing, painting or writing. Just ordinary stuff that everyone gets at one time or another, not the same stuff but something that we cannot get out of.


So we plod along, not touching the things we want to achieve, because, there simply is not the time, occasionally not even the inclination.

I suppose my time of doing things I wanted came when I was a whole lot younger than I am today. I had, apart from work, time to indulge in all my hobbies which included, not only those listed above but going to the cinema.

This occurred quite often. There were several theatres around and occassionally there woukd be four good films on, all in one week. Fitting them all in could be quite a challenge.

Then there was going dancing, art classes and so much more. In my twenties, I went abroad for holidays, far away. This then led to horse riding. I also helped with gardening at home, and rarely, a bit of decorating with dad.

Not forgetting favourite t.v. programmes of the day.

Phew! I feel quite exhausted after all that. Just makes me wonder where all that energy went to? Because, sure as eggs are eggs, it has disappeared now!!!!!

Be very careful out in this changing world, dear friends.


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