First March Blog

First March Blog.


Marching in
Like a damp mackintosh,
Occasional sunshine
And the Mac steams.
Or wind blows fierce,
Knocking down trees,
Blowing fences flat,
Lifting fur on the dog,
Tail of the cat.
Mud everywhere,
Even when rain ceases,
Mud below the surface,
Clinging to shoes
The toddlers wear,
Climbing the high boots
Fashion concscious
Dog walkers sport
Down the lanes,
Over the fields.
Billowing cloud
Scudding across
A grey sky.
These are March days.
How long will they last?

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2017.

This month is again crawling along, one day fine and warming a little more, the next day grey, windy and much cooler. Some plants seem to be pushing ahead, sprouting leaves, giving hope for the future. Others not moving at all.

True, there are spring blooms adorning gardens and those roadway triangles just before roundabouts. Yellow daffodil heads blowing in the breeze stirred by lorries, cars and buses as they traverse the circular roadway. A sign that spring is close, even though the weather is undecided right now.

My trugs are full of blooms, raked about by that squirrel but decidedly giving me a run for my money. Lots of differently shaped dwarf daffs, hyacinths in three colours, white, blue and purple. The odd late-blooming crocus that was possibly planted deeper than it should have been when that squirrel reorgnised my planting arrangement.

I have also spotted one of the Freesias with the odd bud lurking for a little later. There were quite a few of those and I can see more leaves of that kind, so there may be more flowers, at some point. I was told that they should have been planted indoors. Too late. I hcad already planted them at that point of findung out, week later.

Just wait, this month will fly by and soon April will be here and summer will rush towards us at the speed of bullets. Then, it will be gone.

Do you remember how slowly a year moved when you were at school? Young and fresh with a long summer holiday ahead! Those were the days. Or were they?

As always, be safe in the world out there.



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