Fourth February Blog

Fourth February Blog.

Seasons Turn.

Catkins budding, sticky,
Awaiting the sun’s return.
She is low on the horizon,
Gradually rising
Higher each day.
First tiny leaf buds
Threaten to appear
Whilst you were
Not looking.
Early chirping
Denotes spring eclipse.
They seek a mate,
The old story,
Played out every spring.
New life, fresh dreams,
A wobble in Earth’s eratic pulse.
The Northern Hemisphere
Seeks the light,
Awaits the suns arising
From its southerly sojourn.
Such is the way,
Back and forth,
Like a pendulum,

– [ ] Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2017.
– [ ]

Another murky day. A Saturday. Woke with the alarm, intending to pop out with daughter to get a couple of bits and pieces. Put glasses on, held my phone and feeling a tad chill, promptly fell back asleep for about half an hour, knowing that daughter was ‘in the arms of Morpheus’ still. So, after half an hour, she wakes. Our planned trip, now a mere memory.

So, strange things happen! Something occurred on my Notepad. How! I have no idea! But I got an almost blank page except that, at the lower part of the page were some coloured dots, i touched the page with my finger, trying to decide how to get back to my normal Notepad page, and I was DRAWING.
Here is the result:-

This is what I came up with……..
So, no great work of art, but strange!  Ps.  It may nit cone through.  Tch! Tch!

Also my keyboard freezes, then unfreezes! To get numbers, question marks etc., I have to press a certain key, sometimes now, this does not work. So what gets typed can be totally different to what I intended. Very frustrating!
Technology and my brain quite often do not meet at the same ‘cafe’! We lurch past each other like drunken persons, our fingers barely touching, seeking that connection, that spark of lightning thst almost never happens. I have obviously, at some point recently, touched some key unawares, that had changed things. But which key? How do I get back to what I call my normal keyboard, easily?

Oh, the quality of youth, the speed of the young brain. I had it once, long before the electrical impulses of the Internet soared over the horizon.

It is now Monday and the weather is darker, yet again. Where us thus soring sunshine we all long for in my neck of the woods? I have just been informed that it is raining! Poo!

Be safe out there, dear people. It is a hard old world, and getting harder each day.


4 thoughts on “Fourth February Blog

  1. I suspect none of us can say our brains are getting faster, Evelyn! I liked ” ‘technology and the brain never quite meeting at the same cafe”. With your permission, I may borrow and fiddle with that to get: “never quite lunch at the same cafe” !!

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