Third February Blog

Third February Blog.


Light flakes of snow
Whispering down,
Landing on eyelids,
Whiskers of hair
That peek out
From the scarf,
Covering her head,
A light breeze
Moving the strands,
Making them flutter,
All covered in white.
Soft as down,
Fine crystals from above.
She feels the chill,
It creeps down her spine,
Settling somewhere
‘Neath the ends
Of blowing hair.
A wind whips it
To and fro,
Like an angry cat’s tail.
Mittens warm her fingertips.
Boots crush the snow
That lands on dirty paths.
Pushing the gate, she
Treads to the door.
Fumbles for her keys,
She is home at last.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2017.

No. It is not snowing. Just a poem, when little else came to mind. I sincerely hope the winter is passing. Perhaps with a whisper.

I think we are all becoming fed up with the cold of this season. It is p.m. And a wan sun lights up the back garden. It needs to be a touch warmer for the plants to realise that the cold weather is on its way out.

Tempers are frayed. Sickness brings down the eveness that was there before, or perhaps not? When both are sick with viral infections that no one gives a hoot about, on top of normal hurts, then even-temperedness can go out of the window. Rows ensue! Then, the quiet that follows is oregnant with rants still to be aired.

Oh, things will blow over, eventually. They have to if living harmony has to return. But until then, it is like a death that nobody wants to talk about. The air will not clear fast, of that there is certanty.

I am sick, sick and tired too. I want to be well but old age has a habit of throwing all it can your way, saying ‘go on, get out of that, if you can’!

You never think, at young or even middle age, that these times will come. My friends, they will. Oh, in different ways.

Some of you will be lucky with your health and you may sail through with little wrong. Pardon my pessimism, but most of you will have one or two ailments ongoing. Added to those, there will be lots of minor things to cope with. Be warned.

Sorry to be pessimistic. That is the way I am feeling.

Be safe.


5 thoughts on “Third February Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem with me today. It brought back so many memories of past, when I could walk and I always did at night, after the first full snow of Winter. That quiet stillness except for my boots crunching snow as I walked about the neighborhood – I loved that so much!

    Prayers and my warmest heart thoughts are sent your way to help lift your heart. I know these days fully too, in different ways, but the struggle is real, isn’t it.

    I keep asking God “What use have you of me here still, that I’ve not been called home yet?” I know He must have His reasons and so, I wait and do as Papa says, “get up, suit up and show up for life.” I chose a long house dress to wear today. What about you?

    Love you sweet lady – I’m so glad we’ve met. (((hugs)))

  2. Ha ha, Jenanita01′ neither would I have joined up. And you are correct, a tad, if you count not sleepiing in the daytime, today.? Why are they being so stingy with antibiotics? Like it’s coming out of their bank accounts! Bless.

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