Second February Blog

Second February Blog.

Gloomy Fridays.

Gloomy Fridays.
Just like a song,
Gloomy Fridays,
Keep coming along.
I don’t think i’ve seen
The sun all week,
Rain and misty days
Make it damp and bleak.
Gloomy Friday.
It’s one of those days,
A day to forget.
It’s damp, but no haze.
February can be sunny,
Can be cold but not drear.
But looking through the window,
It isn’t this year.
Gloomy Friday,
Slow to pass by,
Hoping in March sunshine
And scudding clouds in the sky.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2017.

So, with the rain and lowering clouds all day long, and in the UK, our days are quite short still, ( though they are getting a tad longer with the passing of each day.)
Too cold and too wet to check on the plants in the tubs. I just have to hope that, as most of them were bare-rooted and in their dormant season, that the amount of rain we have been getting, is enough to keep the tubs moist. I do not want to go outside until the temperatures have risen and the sun is warm on my back.

So, what does one do? If all the menial tasks or work have been completed and the dinner prepared, and you find you have a bit of time on your hands, then a hobby comes to mind. To relax you, to give a bit of esoteric purpose.

For me it is both writing and art. More art right now. The light is too poor to do any pastel paintings, and since I have reacquainted myself recently with my coloured pencils, I have found there are others on the Internet who are like-minded.

There are people of varying abilities, from beginners to teachers and everyone is willing to give advice if you have a problem.

Since the 1990s when I was doing some CP work, I had other things on my mind and lost track of the genre. Now I find the CP has changed out of all proportion. Not to mention newer products, better pencils, blending, (who knew you could blend pencils? – I didn’t back then) and again, not to mention all the different types of paper, film, etc. that they can be used on! A real learning curve. But I repeat, everyone is very helpful. Even beginners can help, when they ask a question, that perhaps the answer you would also like to know.

So, my blogging has slowed a tad. My apologues but, I hate winter and I hate rainy, murky, miserable even more. So, I am completing a small picture fir the February Challenge in my Beginners site. Underwater -is the theme. Cannot post it yet as the day is much too dark.

That is it for now. Be happy but be safe. Traffic can be a bind in the darker times.


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