Tutorial – Blending Colored Pencils with a Heat Gun

Good advice here. Must try this, though I do not have Prismas.

Chrysalis Goddess

This is a tutorial I wrote using a different approach to blending colored pencils. Hope you all like it 🙂

For this demo, I used Stonehenge Paper with Prismacolor and Verithin Colored Pencils (I only used one Verithin color – Indigo Blue to draw the apple but if you don’t have it, the regular Prismacolor Indigo Blue will do, just have the point really sharp. You’ll also need a Prismacolor Colorless Blender and of course the Embossing Heat Tool. You can find it at craft and art stores, usually in the rubber stamps and embossing powders aisle. I got mine from Michaels and I paid $20.00. Here’s a pic of what the heat gun looks like:

Step 1:

I started by drawing the apple with an Indigo Blue Verithin Pencil. Next I started to shade with a very sharp Indigo Blue pencil with very light pressure and using shape following…

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