Last December Blog …

Last December Blog 2016/First January Blog 2017.

The Demise of the Year.

The passing of yet another,
Flown by, carelessly or unknown,
We worried that Spring was not coming,
Forlornly, we sat all alone,
Watching the raindrops pitter, patter
Upon a dull windowpain,
We shivvered when chill winds blew.
We wondered when summer would surround us,
It was coming, though we never knew.
Then all at once the sun blossomed,
Where fruit hung ripe on the bough,
So uall too soon it was over
And autumn days hung with us now.
September soon melted through hrain,
Nut trees gave forth of their bounty,
Winter, though slowly, came again.
We thought and prepared for Christmas,
That too was over in a trice.
Gott Slut, as they say in Sweden,
A ‘year ending’, they say. Very Nice.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December 31st, 2016.
Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blogs, and to all those Facebookh Friends who have been so kind to me.

Be safe out there, have a Wonderful Year in 2017.



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