Second December Blog

Second December Blog.

Too Much?

Just a few days until Christmas,
The High Street’s beginning to thrum,
People are bustling, up road and down
Like a heartbeat or pound of a drum.

Their bags have a bulging-type quality,
They’re bristling with all kinds of Cheer,
Some have a turkey, goose, chicken or duck,
It’s the Season, at this time of year.

Mince Pies, pudding and trifle,
It may be different for you,
But in the UK, it’s tradition,
Like catching a bus, or the Flu.

Tree gets caught in the doorway,
And drags in the puddle of rain,
Chestnuts fall out of bags made of string,
Crowds on the street are a pain.

Some of us wish it all over,
The presents and food cost a lot,
We’re tired and feel so depleted,
At the end, an empty replete pot.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2016.

Rain had been drizzling all day. Not heavy! Just that light sort of stuff that seems relentless. No-one stopped in this kind of weather or at this time of day. It was dark, though street lights and decorations ( last year’s up from the west) gave it a garish hue.
Bob tried to drag the cardboard away from the front. Rain would make it collapse. A small growl issued from the huddle inside the cardboard box.
“OK, Buster, that’s enough.” The small terrier grumbled a bit more, then settled back down to sleep.
Bob had found him by a dustbin outside a pizza place. He was starving. Bob was hungry too, not having been able to scrape up enough yesterday for food. But just inside a full bin there were two boxes of fresh pizza.
Sometimes it wasn’t what a customer ordered. Nothing the staff could do but bin them. You just had to there at the right time.
Bob had given some to the dog who promptly followed him back through the streets to this particular cosy nook – a deep doorway in a quiet street. Somewhat off the beaten track but of the way of police patrols, mostly!
As the rain eased up, Bob climbed out of the box, coaxed a sleepy Buster out also. He folded down the front dry end, tucking it inside the damper part, dragging it all as tight against the old door as he could. It might not be noticed in deep shadow!
Slinging his rucksack over his shoulder, he moved out and headed towards the brighter roads, Buster close on his heels.
It was near Christmas. People seemed to be more generous at this time of year. He could, and did, sing for his supper. Buster would hop onto his hind legs and do a little dance.
Bob had not taught him how to do this. Buster just got on his hind legs one day, and….well just danced. Of course, people saw the little dog and smiled. They put more money in the tin, enought to buy a bit of proper food for Buster.
One lady who probably worked close by, opened her shopping bag one day and produced a carrier bag with seven tins of dog food inside, a tin opener and a big bag of dry dog food.
She smiled at Bob, explaining that her own pet had recently passed away and she had a little stock of dog food going to waste.
She came by the following week. “I did tend to stock up a bit,” was her excuse. Buster seemed quite taken with her. Wagged his stump of a tail as she bent over to pat his head.
Bob got to sing in more places without the police moving him on. So he ate more regularly and, because Buster had food because of a kind lady, he had that much more to spend.
Though wintertime, the weather was still mild. People, getting ready for Christmas, seemed more generous. One cold snap and he headed to where the Sally Army regularly brought soup and bread during the night. With the warming soup, they gave out packages of razors, soap and knitted scarves. One of the Soldiers handed him a hand-knitted ‘coat’ for Buster.
It fitted too, though Buster was not enamoured. Still, it would keep him warm when the frosts came.
His benefactress kept bringing food for his dog, for which he was extremely grateful. She often stopped to talk and Buster got his tummy scratched, which he loved.
As for Bob, the world became a friendlier place, at least for Christmas. Mary, the dog food lady, asked him round for Christmas dinner, which included a good bath. Life, for a while was sweet.

Just a little story with the Christmas Spirit in mind.

Happy Christmas/ Holidays/Hannukah or any other Holiday you Celebrate at this time of year. And remember, be safe out there.



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