First December Blog

First December Blog.

Winter Season.

Almost the end of November,
Today the bright sun lit the sky,
A stiff wind blew round the houses,
Will be December, by and by.

Lucky we are, in this daylight,
Enjoying a clear crystal day,
No rain or snow is upon us,
For that, I say, Hoorah!

But one day further onward,
It started the same, I declare,
Then the sun vanished, and cloud came,
Almost crept slowly in, unaware.

Now mid-afternoon is upon us.
So dismal and dull, looming dark,
The pavement is covered in litter,
Dead leaves from trees in the park.

Lights will go on very shortly
As daylight is fast growing dim,
Afternoon daylight is over,
No putting them on for a whim.

But wait, three weeks hence we’ll be happy,
The Solstice of Winter, in furs,
From then on the daytime is spreading,
Can’t wait ’till the springtime occurs.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. End November 2016.

December Is Here.

Almost a week into December,
A fog lay thick all aroun. M d,
Up past the rooftops and chimneys,
Muffling the busy traffic sound.

Was thicker as morning drew onward,
And hardly a person came nye,
Seeking the numbers of houses,
Delivering parcels close by.

And then as lunchtime approacheth,
And fog turned thinner, to mist,
I spotted a white van, doors open wide,
The driver consulting his list.

Crossing the road, he came over,
A package clasped in his hand,
He spoke as he handed the package,
With my hearing, I could not understand.

I smiled and laughed as he jokingly,
Explained how the fog got him lost.
Never mind, I replied, It’s the weather,
Another joke, was his ripost.

Mid afternoon, the mist was a gonner,
But surfaces, they all were wet,
Including the pavement across the street,
But it was not raining. Not yet!

I stopped looking out of the window,
To check, like a weather report,
But darkness had suddenly fallen,
And my checking I had to abort.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2016.

A short post for now. I guess most have their decorations up now. We have a small tree with lots of lights and a few baubles. A lighted wreath, lights from last year that are either coloured or white, depending how we feel, same string, same controls.

Green lights that look like very miniature Christmas trees and 200 little lights around the mirror. There are lots of candles all over, 90% are battery operated. Some are on remote control. Safety First!

I have not put any cards on display, as yet. Have to search out the Sellotape. I use it to stick them onto a door. Have done this for years with no harm to this door. This year though, the wreath is taking up a third of the door. Perhaps we will not get as many cards. Losing addresses, some years, olosing people!

Of course, the worst is yet to come, as December marches on, closer to the reason for all the jolity. Food has to be thought out, ordered, bought. If family is visiting then organisational skills, (like that of running an hotel,) have to be thought about. That is something I do not have to think about, these days.

I may blog further into December. But if not, i hope you all have the most wonderful Festival Season.

And, above all, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.



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