First November Blog

First November Blog. 22-11-16

November 2016.

Blustery winds
Stomy days,
November shows us
Trucculent ways.

Ripping leaves,
Tossing them round,
Newly in plants
Knocked to the ground.

Squally rain beats
The earth into mud,
Dark looming clouds
Across the sky, scud.

Not yet full winter,
No snow yet, I fear.
Possibly soon,
At the end of the year.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. 2016.

First, maybe last November Blog.

It appears that this month, I am slacking!
Preparations for the Festive Season ( such as writing and finding addresses for overseas mail/not being that well, at times, etc.). Take their toll of my availabke time and energy? All these activities, plus a few others at this time of year, take toll of available time. If too much happens, like various hospital visits ( that often take hours), one kind of loses the plot. Also, I have a running battle with my tablet keyboard which has a mind of its own, where spelling is concerned, often making up the weirdest words. Nothing at all like the word I have typed.

Invariably, I have to type some words four or five times before they look like the word I was typing. So a blog can take three times as long to get my message across. Be that as it may, here I finally am.

O.k. Enough of the hurrahs!

How fo you celebrate this Festive time of year?

Not everyone is Christian but many religions have a Festive season around now, Hanukkah, for one. I am not privey to many other religions’ Festive events, but we have recently had Diwali celebrated by Hindus. Not a million miles away from the Christmas holiday.

I suppose the English/British way is fairly similar all over. The ubquitous fairy lights, a tree, presents, lots of Festive food, chocolate, rich cakes and pastries, such as mince pies. It is the organisation of the Festivities here that can cause problems.

Presents should be chosen with care. What kind of tree will we have? Last years( and many years before) artificial tree, which is looking a mite sad after being stuffed in the loft or pushed to the back of the garage, or, a new, more modern artificial tree? Or a real tree that drops needles all over the place? But hey, it smells nice!

Having decided on your tree, ( or not), there comes the box of decorations we stashed away last year. Will the lights work? Better get some new ones!

Organising the tremendous amount of food can be daunting. Real flair is needed to have enough freezer space, fridge space and cupboard room. For these people who have taken on this role, I salute you. Have done it myself often enough. A General running an army could do no better!

Welcoming guests, planning the meal, yay, the whole day, is not something many want tp tackle but are regularly seconded. Not an easy task. How many get to Boxing Day with a huge sigh on their lips?

Be steadfast in whichever Festivity you adhere to and as has been said often, ‘May the Force be with you’.

Keep safe, stay warm or cool, whetever you happen to be.


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